Unveiling the Agenda: Analyzing Documents on a Green Screen – Part 2

Hey, y’all, it’s your door. Dashing uncle. Here I am. Back with part 2 of more documents on a green screen. It’s your fault that this is happening. You should have never showed me how to use the green screen effect. But I try to repost part 2 of this earlier and TikTok was like, no, girl, you’re banned for that because even the language in this document I’m pretty sure is against the guidelines of TikTok because it’s created by good people who wanna see other people thrive and not people who wanna take over the world.

But I’ve got this passage here highlighted, and you can go ahead and read this yourself if you like to read it. But it does have to do with deleting terms that are used by people that the people who wrote this don’t like when it comes to contracts, documentation, bills, laws, everyday life. They wanna remove words from my everyday life. Now, a lot of these words have to do with LGBTQ, a body autonomy, your own rights, those kinds of things. I’m gonna leave this highlighted here so you can read it yourself and you’ll see exactly the terms that they wanna eliminate. And then you also see something below that has to do with another community in that community, how they’re relating it to something horrible, because that’s what they do. They so fear into your mind so that way you’re willing to give up your rights and live in this kind of police state that they want to create that is only gonna hurt people and will only make the rich people richer. And if you’re like me, this ain’t good for you.

Not a single bit of us. Now, a few other things that they talk about in this Bill. This is our next page. These are some bullet points that they feel like should be the promise to build the pro per American family is what I’m gonna call it.

Well, the first thing here, the bureaucrats of the department of education who inject, and you see the words down there, anti American, ahistorical propaganda into America’s classrooms. They want to get rid of you. Now they’re gonna say that teaching that slavery is bad is anti historical. It’s supposed to be a good thing according to wrong to Santas. And there were benefits that came from it for people, but they want to go ahead and remove that from the education system. They don’t want to tell people the truth. They want to build their own idea and idealized version of this country. Then the department of justice, they want the department of justice to be fixed because they fill, The Department of justice is allowing people who are trans to participate in girl sports. And that just should not happen. What? You can’t make this up. You can’t I make this up. They also want to remove soldiers attending training that helps them understand their privilege. So you don’t want people to be educated on how they offend people. You don’t want people to be educated on everyday life. You don’t want people to be educated about the history of this country. You only want the narrative put forth that you’re pushing. That sounds like an agenda.

And then we get to this next section. Now there’s some promises that come up on these pages. And these promises that they’re making are for what the next leader of the country is supposed to be doing. Now, they talk about the declaration of independence and they bring in here one of the biggest lines from the decorations of independence, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Then they also say that all men are created equal and endowed with god given rights to life, liberty, in the pursuit of happiness.

Now, they’re quoting this from the declaration of independence. When someone who looks like me was not considered person, also a woman was not allowed to vote or even considered a person. And that’s women and women who look like me, the same thing. So they wanna bring us back to a time where you not only don’t have rights, you were enslaved. And then on top of that, that’s where they’re gonna leave you at. But they’re gonna take away the words that you could use to express yourself. Those will now be illegal. Those are things you cannot say or do. And you cannot have any civil protections or contracts that guarantee that your status is somebody who identifies as somebody who uses those words to protect yourself or as a good thing.

This thing is scary. All this thing is scare Ree. And this is the thing that they would put in place if Voldemort gets an office, he who shall not be named.

Oh, and just something at the top, y’all. If you thought that the Democrats were the only one who were talking about banning TikTok, there’s just a line here that says, right here says Confucius Institutes, TikTok and other arm of Chinese propaganda and espionage should be outloud, not merely monitored. They want it outlawed. It would be illegal for you to have TikTok on your phone.

Illegal. Okay, so let’s take a break here. This is beginning to be another very long video and I don’t want to tire you guys out. So again, check into this document. I’m going to post to part 3. If you wanna see part 3, like comment, share it, follow me, do something with this. We need to have people see as much of this as possible because it’s something that’s gonna affect every single person in America’s life if this is what the guidelines to the next presidency will be. But I’ll post the next part in a little bit. And we’re gonna get into finally another document. They came out well before this. And the ideology of cool side of it is still the same.