A Prayer for Repentance and Healing: Seeking Blessings and Guidance

The president of the Republic of Kenya or Doctor William Gruto. May I ride on the protocols that have already been established? Amstalin y the please of the Chief jazz USA en metro representa. La vida, Wendy to play and just t dimensions. That’s the Humble and contrate patch that’s at the out of the load. Good Charlotte. Not ignore. Let us pray. Oh, Lord God almighty, we worship you this morning and praise your holy name and thank you. For you alone, not god, you are holy, worthy of praise. We honor you. Heavenly father. You are a god of miracles, the weaver of destinies, the architect of our lives for all things physical, scene and unseen. One Creative you thank you Love for a ingles blessings yo alaban massi greatfu for every breath. Of every hat Beach, Andreas Gift of Blind Besand before you the top lidashi pop this greatest nation and Rose of visitas from maroon, the want weat knowledge dachiloch Juan No vas. Anything from you because as well, what says is quick and powerful and sharper than in a two edge sword piercing even to the dividing asunda of the soul and the spirit and of joints and marrow and is a designer of their thoughts and intentions of the heart. Before you, o Lord God, there is no creature that is not manifest in your sight, but all things are naked and opened to your eyes. And that is why we acknowledge that we have seen. I. Vance glory. Azan nation. Anda zawal w konvensasi transgression. As individuals and also as a nation, cleansers with the blood of Jesus Christ that was poured for the forgiveness of sins and for our cleansing. And we also forgive those who have wronged us because they are say that if we do not forgive, we shall not be forgiven. We release every ounce of bitterness, grudge and painful memories that we have in the name of Jesus. Break the bonds of past mistakes and the bad decisions that we have made. That to freeing ourselves from the anchors of resentment strengthen us, our Lord, to resist temptation and to turn away from all evil. You have said in your mind, if my people who are caught by your name would hamper themselves and pray and seek your face and turn from their wicked ways. Then you will hear from heaven, you forgive our sin and heal our land, and that your eyes are open and your ears attend to the prayer that is made to you. We have repented. This morning and we help pas handphone juta navcom we need. God anda disesuaikan hidde pihak gondrong so macassan nation them. File slides bolbas slides ori bus most of them a broken the bangs anda vlada home. Homeless. They have no where to stay. Had accidents of all kinds, fires, explosions and pollution collisions. We have hardly banned rest strikes from many quarters. There is distress of all kinds, many homeless, many bereaved and much more that I, we cannot be able to exhaust. And we cannot fail to mention the corruption. That is it. Jelas bray. Grabbing of thing. And everything. The list causes us a lot of distress just to think of it. And we know that, Lord, it also causes you concern because you love us. And this morning we plead for Massey. Oh, god. Now that we have repented before you. Yoawa tells us that blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is in the Lord. Because even when the very foundations of our land appear to be shaken and to be shaking, we shall not fear. Dzr security and protection of victory, snot losong sby. Vlog shabby chic cov Andreas sabino had. Indesso no habis. In the joy. Income in times of dewa ka youtube com. Nothing shall be impossible. In the face of tough times, we shall put our trust in you, and we know that you will strengthen us and help us. You will uphold us with the arrears right hand, for you love us and delight in helping us. So, god, those that trust in you and those that California, we thank you, Lord. We thank you that you be with us and that you send with us to see us through every challenge we go through. Praise be to your whole. Ini di kuhap grade. Great new alyss to be lain duniawi dya waduh doso. Quote Fredrich.