Ultimate Festival Packing Guide: The Miscellaneous Bin, Booze, and More!

Hi, babies, part 3. I’ve packed the download box with me. This is where we left off. So it’s got my washbag, my flip flops, my bum bag, all my clothes bags, and my extra fem fresh wipes just cuz they were little. And I guess Christian don’t. And my birthday sash. That’s where we left it.

So let’s pick up where we left off, do part 3. And I think this is just gonna be the miscellaneous bin and my booze. So we’re on to a winner. I thought this is gonna take like five parts. So far it’s taken through three. My master surrenders. Let’s go. So start not strong in the miscellaneous.

These are just bits that I’m literally squeezing in that it doesn’t matter if they get damage in the process. Tape and pin bags and a 10 liter foldable away, foldable away, foldable bag. It’s been a long day. Can you tell? I don’t wanna open it now. I will be packing another one of these cuz it’s actually attic with everything else, but these come in really handy. So you can naturally, if you’re like, say you’re done with a couple of bags and you wanna do a little like car run on the Thursday with stuff that you know you’re not gonna need again.

Packing and these bad boys run down to the car with them. Cuz they’re wearable. They don’t they’re not too heavy. So I’m not meaning like take your whole life back the car, but if you wanna do car runs to stop, you haven’t do like one Mammoth one on the like the Monday morning.

These bad boys, they’re also really good for putting in your bum bag and taken into the arena. So if you wanna stash everything in a bum bag and then think, oh, bumber’s not comfy, I wanna wear on my back. One of these by boys was a pound in pound land. Right.

Next step is my hair bag and I’ve got hair clips for do in for doing hair tensile and my own hair, a million and four loose little elastic bubbles. One of these like pully things for pulling your hair through. I’ve also got small nail Scissors for chopping the hair, tensor and then heat Protection spray, hair brush, the fit to do hair tensor, including the nano things, the multitude of hair tensors. And because I love you and I didn’t have any, I’ve also gone and bought a whole new packet of black, which I think is just mixed in with these. Now let me check. Yes, because I love you all and I didn’t have any black. I’ve gone and bought 3 new packets of black. Don’t say I don’t love you, the hair Gemma and gem disks bubbles for my own hair. All new pack of Bobby pins because I take them and I lose them. And a hair wax stick for doing the flyaway bits just in case it. And don’t particular fancy hair bag. Let’s see if I can squish any air out of it.

And then that’s going in. I am so proud of this. I don’t know why it’s taking me that long to realize you could do this in a box. Cuz this is work in wonders. Like I need to put my makeup in my meds bag, but I’m gonna try and reduce my makeup from like my big old kit to this just to make my life a bit easier. And I’ve got like a couple of other bits to put in and my bag of knickers. But otherwise, this is working perfectly.

Kudos to me. Like why didn’t I think of this earlier? So if you’re using the box method, it works, right? It works. Yeah, let’s go. Next step is suncreams and my black nail varnish for top of my nails. Just in case I do wanna put these in like a affiliate and I’m gonna put them in f right? But we’ve got my Wednesday spray. That’s factor 50. My little, it’s gonna call it hand luggage. It’s not hand luggage. My little bum bag, factor 30 for the rest of the day. My other two lippy bars and my suncream moisturizer, that’s SPF 30, which will go under my makeup. I just want to stash these upright in the box so they can squeeze. Oh, I’m loving this method. This may be my new go to. Just gonna squeeze them in there. This is game changing, kids. This is absolutely game changing. Right.

Med’s bag next and then the other little miscellaneous bit. And then it’s just my booze, my makeup, and my neck has to Grinch. Let’s go mad bag. I’ve got antithickness tablets, things for just in case you get festival belly and diarrhea. They begin with an island account for the life of me. Think what they called an assortment of plasters cuz your feet will get wrecked. And yeah, so bliss the plaster’s fabric plasters, toe plasters, sterilise gloves, energy, which column energy tablets you deserve in water, and a small first aid kit with a bandage, Scissors. That’s pretty much everything. And so many hay fever tablets that if you need one, I’m a girl.

This is gonna be a 4 part series, I’ve decided. And last but not least for this, the end of this bit is my hand washing little bougie water bottle for the arena. Because as you know, I hate that I can’t wash my hands. There’s nothing in that. So I think that can go flat there. My foldable water bottle for having something to drink at night at camp and to wash my face and do my teeth with.

I know Bree is bringing like a big 10 least to one as well. So I don’t need to take my massive one that I did last year. And last but least for this section, my little drinks teddy bear, because I can’t do paper caps.

Yeah, do you know what this box is? Game changing. Let me know how your packing is going. They will be part 4, but not today. They might also be part 5 for my car bag because I can’t. Anyway, remember the word needs nice people. Let’s be them. Love you. Bye, babies. Not.