Wendy’s National Foster Care Month Campaign Unboxing and Giveaway!

Hey, everybody. You guys know I love me some Wendy’s. We got a red box in the mail for National Foster Care Month. They send one every year because I tell them, of course I wanna talk about it and tell them what you’re doing for National Foster Care Month. So let’s see this year what’s in the box?

All right. We got some tissue paper. That’s exciting. Let’s read the pamphlet together so we know how we can help.

It says, in honor of National Foster Care Month this may, you’re invited to make a biggie difference. With a simple scan. Wendy’s will automatically donate $5 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for adoption for every customer scan of the special QR code loaded on the promotional cold beverages cups at participating US locations. So that means all you have to do is when you get your drink, scan the QR code and Wendy’s is going to donate $5 for every scan that you get.

And in case you didn’t know, five bucks is what it cost, I think five and six bucks for the biggie bags where you get like some fries and some nuggets and a burger. You don’t even have to decide what you want. You get the whole variety and a drink. Alright. And over the past three decades, the foundation has permanent, found permanent families for more than 14,000 children across the United States and Canada. Wendy’s and its customers have raised more than $320 million for the Dave Thomas Foundation for adoption.

This National Foster Care Month, the scan makes a biggie difference and helps create more amazing family moments you decide to share on social media and invite people too. So when you scan your code, share it on your Instagram, share it on your ticket, TikTok, get the word out there that all they have to do is scan it.

Some people are so busy on their lunches, so busy with life at dinner time, they just drink it. They don’t even see what’s on the cup. So we need to share it. Alright, let’s get into it. What’s under the tissue paper they gave us? So first of all, a recipe card.

And it says spring inspiration for your favorite sips. So in your cup with the coat on it, it says Coca Cola. You can get a tropical one there, lime, cherry, vanilla.

Cuz, you know, they got the freestyle machine so they can make you a delightful beverage, you, those dirty soda people out there, you can get one here. Doctor Pepper. You can do a cherry Doctor Pepper, vanilla Doctor Pepper, strawberry Doctor. Better get there and get your drink. Okay, under that.

Oh my gosh, you’re not gonna believe this. I didn’t know what to expect last year. I got a cup and like a cozy and some things. Their frosties, their frosty squishies. Wendy’s must also know that I have two grandsons. They keep an eye on me. We like to try out a lot of other things.

They have little possible arms. This is a little swirl frosty. So is this one. Oh my gosh, this one’s holding a French fry. This one does not have a French fry. Maybe he wants this French fry. It’s held on with Velcro.

I wonder if we lost a French fry in the box. I don’t see one in here. That’s okay. They can just share the fry. How cute is that? And it says Wendy’s on the back. The boys are gonna love these little plushies. Thank you, Wendy’s, for sending those over.

And for Nana, a hair tie. Let’s check it out. Let’s check it out. It’s got frosties on it, by the way. Frosty’s come in a cup. The couple have a code. Just saying a little frosty. Scrunchy.

Hey, kind of matches what I’m wearing today. I could just put that one in instead. I think we’ll do that. Let’s do it right now. Let’s do it right now. I gotta get my poof up. There we go. Bam.

I am rocking the scrunchy. So go to Wendy’s, get yourself, you know, some nugs, some fries, some burgers. I suggest the junior Bacon cheeseburger, but I also suggest chili on the side, even if I don’t eat it at lunch, I like to keep it and have it for a snack for later. So go there, get your cup, scan your code, let’s all raise a bunch of money for National Foster Care Month and for the foundation for adoption from Dave and Wendy’s. So anyway, I will see you guys on the next video.

I love you. The boys are gonna love their little frosty pals and they’re gonna think Nana is the best Nana ever and really was Wendy’s. So I’ll see you guys on the next video.