The Marriage Contract: Secrets, Schemes, and Business Alliances

How dare. You had no right to dig into my past like that.

You, Joshua Lang, take me a Gerber for your lawfully wedded wife. I do. And you, Mia Gerber, do you take Joshua Lane for your lawful wedded husband? I do. The rings.

You may now kiss the bride.

Let’s get one thing straight, Mia. This marriage is a show for our family and the rest of the world. Don’t expect any affection from me. Understood. And vice versa.

My parents wanna set up a dinner with us, my assistant will set it up. She can coordinate schedules with my assistant. Done.

Joshua has always been so distant with people, unlike Alex here, who’s so popular and charismatic. You should see all of a woman that can’t stop chase. Well, at least I don’t have to worry if Alice can give me a grandson. But I wonder, Joshua, if you can even warm up enough to give me a child. We need an air after all, Eleanor. That’s enough. I’m just saying perhaps Alex is a better fit to lead Lane Horden. Quite the contrary. Actually. Josh was very passionate, especially in the bedroom. No doubt that you’ll have that air soon for your information, passion is not my DNA, nor does it align with my personal brand. But still, thank you for standing up for me. I just didn’t appreciate your stepmo’s attitude.

Get the campaign ready.

No. Hey, I need a favor. You’re right, Alex and Eleanor Lane are behind a smear campaign against Joshua Lu. Diamond PR’s already involved. What agency are we using? We’re still deciding. Bids are open for this year’s contract. Perfect. I have a plan. I’m offering the Gerber Corporation’s annual PR budget. It’s one of the largest in the industry. That’s an enticing offer, Miss Gerber. What do you ask of me in return? I need you to withdraw from any campaign against Joshua Lane. I don’t mind. I’ll cover the cancellation fee.

You have a deal. You’re more perceptive than I thought. Why are you helping me? Our family’s alliance is crucial. Protecting you means protecting the Gerber Corporation. It’s all business, right? Well, in that case, I should help you with your beef with Catherine and Bradley, right? How did you know about that? Didn’t expect me to enter into the marriage without doing background checks. I just don’t get what the big deal about your exes. I mean, you cheat on you. So what? She must be faking it to trap you. How dare. You had no right to dig into my past like that. I can take care of myself. What just happen?