Quirky Phrases and Gestures: Inside Jokes and Expressions with Friends

What do we say every time? I’m not.

Gonna say choice. If I had a nickel for every time this happened, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird enough. Twice. What do we say whenever someone, like, shut the ? Oh, I know, yumpy.

What do we say after any monitoring?

What do we say whenever it’s like really cold out? I call out.

Oh, it’s . What do I always say whenever you’re not telling the truth?

I like you lie a lot. What do we say? I never really tired. And how do we say it? I’m sleepy.

What do we say when it’s only like a tiny amount? It’s in like an accent?

No, a little bit. What noise do you make when you see a guy that you really like? Is it the snow?

What movement do we do? All the tons, like really crinchy.

What do we do? Whenever we want my vape, I’m.

Gonna do that. What do we say? It’s like a man’s voice and it’s like, I don’t know when you’re really like, nice girl.

Foodie princes. What do you say whenever I like drop something or like mess something up?

Oh yeah, I know. But don’t, what do we say when someone’s factual? We’re like, oh, that’s we’re like, oh my God, that’s so like we say it all the time, real.

So what do you say again when you like really like someone and you’re like, tryna, escape? No, you’re doing something.

I’ll Chloe at them. I’ll Chloe at them. Was my clothes? Yes. Hidoyo is pray to you whenever I get drunk.

What do we say whenever we feel like we’re going like crazy? Books.

Same kind of vibe. It’s like the opposite of a dream.

Okay, same vibe again. But what would we say if we’re gone crazy and or say if like we say something at the same time. No, it’s like if like we’re feeling crazy about us like saying something. Carmen, Carrie.

What do we say? Whatever we say something at the exact same time, it’s really linked.

Okay, what’s something I say about? And there’s something similar that you say a lot when we’re like, someone’s really annoying us. It’s like all your little.

Oh, wrap up. Yeah, what do I say? Hurry up. No, the other one. What do we say when people think we’re together?

It’s my wife. No. Oh, siblings are driving? No. Oh, what is that? We’re never being. The lesbian allegations. What do we always say whenever we’re like on a night or like anywhere, you have to do the movement as well. It’s like one word, like our faces are really close, what we do and then what do we say? What do I say? And how do I say it? Oh God, I don’t know. Like before we do it, I always say it. Oh, we gonna kiss her.

Okay. What you do when you kind of like think or cool, it’s like a gesture with your clothing.

What do we always say when we meet new people online, out and it’s just me, you and my boyfriend? I wouldn’t really explain it.

This is my wife. This is my boy. Yeah, what do we say whenever like boys are being annoying?

It’s very broad. Second we go, oh, oh, man. What do you always say whenever, say, if I’m eating something and it’s really disgusting, it’s like obvious and my response is always like, yeah, I thought keep going. Is that nice?

Do you like that? Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. I used to this all the time. It would be like, what I’m saying, like, yeah, then no, what’s the movement be like? I’m saying yes, but I don’t actually want to say.

You’re like, yeah, we say whenever we like really don’t wanna be somewhere.

Give me up, give me, give me a give me what do we always do whenever we don’t want other people here in our conversations?

Yes. What do we always say when, or you say it a lot when you wanna leave, say workmen’s like, how would you describe the place? I hate the scope. Yeah, pretty much.

What’s that one pair failure. Do you always get wrong?

I guess this car is on her lips. Hey, whenever you see the base to follow. Boy.

What do we say when we’re at like an alternative gig and we’re like yelling at people, oh, evil.

Okay. What do we say if we’ve been like yapping for hours on end, we’re going to bed and we’re finally like, or not even if we’re going to bed, but like we just want a bit quiet time.

Daisy, he stopped talking to him.

No, we’re just like on our phones like.

Oh, rock time. Yeah.