Miracles of Prophecy: A Journey to Twins and Unexpected Blessings

Oh, y’all, I think y’all really need a story time right now. So I’ve received lots of messages of encouragement and funny messages about my preestess on Timu. Yeah, I bought him on Timu. I bought some Walgreens. It’s okay. Anything we have to, everything we just find out. But I found this. I didn’t know how to obviously stitch it cuz I wouldn’t work on my phone. I don’t know a lot about that kind of technology. But anyway, I got a message. This woman said that it could be twins. But you know, it is a twins. I don’t know. But it’s kind of ironic. So in my past, I’ve not been able to get pregnant at all. I’ve not been able, the doctors have basically told me that it is impossible for me to get pregnant. The doctors in Africa, whenever I was there, they said only way you’re gonna get pregnant is if you’re uterus just grows or a miracle were to happen.

But we don’t know the miracles of God. But anyway, throughout the years, as prophets have spoken over me and I’ve gone to the many countries I’ve gone to, I have written down prophecies and my, this is my basically my study bible. So in my study Bible, I have written down the prophecies that I’ve received from places I’ve gone around the world and interesting stories. So I just wanted to share those with you cuz I think it’s very interesting and very encouraging.

Whenever I was, is it was in February of 2,010. I was at work in this pastor came in and he was like, ma’am, I hope you don’t mind me stopping you. He goes, but the Holy Spirit won’t let me leave until I talk to you. But he said, the man you’re with is not gonna be your destined husband and you’re gonna marry a man from another glance and you’re gonna have twin boys with this person. It’s okay then, you know. So then in April 7th of 2,013, I was in Africa and they base the, this pastor there said I was gonna have twin boys as well.

In March the third 2,016 up, a pastor basically, I was here in Augusta, Georgia, and they basically said I was gonna twin boys. These people don’t know each other. So when the Holy Spirit speaks to them, they’ll be all over the world and they don’t know each other. So in October 2,014, another prophet said that I was gonna have to invoice in 2000.

May 23rd,2,017 search on boys again. In November the 15th,2,017. The prophet said I was gonna have twin boys. And then in 2,019, a apostle in here in Agatha basically said, I was gonna be like Sarah. So I took that as gonna have children. So say, man, you know, I just thank God for whatever he’s gonna do in my life.

And then three days for my 47th birthday, I find out that I’m pregnant. But I went to the doctor and I’m 11 weeks pregnant. So I’m very thankful for my husband. I’m very thankful for whatever gifts got his given me and whatever blessings Jesus is given me through children. And I’m very thank, and I want to thank everyone for the encouragement and the friendly words and, you know, the funny little comments people are post. And so just thank you so much.

And the journey is that I would actually am a little overwhelmed. I wanna show a baby store and I just turned around. Sounds like there’s 10,000 bottles. There are. There’s a lot of choices now. Migrate me up. I have nieces. I don’t have kids. I’ve never had children. The last time I changed the diaper, my niece was 30. My money’s 30 now. So the, the was the last diaper I changed. So a little frightening. Yeah, I’m a little overwhelmed, but I did end up going to like Ross and I pick up some like a little Winnie the poo things. And then I went to the school place called Ollie and I got a children’s Bible, some little Noah’s Ark little books. So read my little one when it comes. But I just want to say thank you so much for all the encouragement. I’ll keep you all posted.