Exploring Robotics Careers at Masterbox Career Fair: Insights from Companies Hiring for Robotics, Engineering, and Software Development Positions

Looks like the Masterbox Career Fair already started, even though it’s not supposed to start for another nine minutes. But I’m gonna go around and see which of the companies will let me talk on camera about their position. Do they have a hello? I’m hiring with hygiene and we are currently hiring for full helpful stack developer and we’re hiring for our content creator to help all pilots are muscle company. And we are currently also hiring for field operations team. We have a seasonal work in the fields. Our robots are autonomous robots that we cross. So we have a leader robots currently out in far North Dakota waiting those for us. We have a field team helping with troubleshooting and management on the. We will probably continue to hire additional field co ops this year for engineers, field engineers support.

Cool, and then into otherwise proactive writers, cuz into 2020, end of 2024,Q4 this year and early next year, we’re on the hook to scale up to 500 robots by the end of 2025. So I’m also here proactively because we will need more machine learning, computer vision, economy stack developers more into 2025 and probably submit service and co UPS where we’re based in Seattle. It’s gonna be, we’re almost relocating people. And then as far as remote opportunities, again, I’ll probably know more once we’re planning for 2025 in this maximum. So keep a company on your radar if those are other positions you’re interested in. We’re at resite. We’re a drone in a robotics company.

We’re recognition senior mechanical engineers help us bring some of these crazy drones that are about to life. Perception engineers and it’s also multiple robotics controls engineers. And.

Where are you guys based? We’re in natural. So now we’re just showing off. I’m personally an optimal edge here, descended here stuff have elimination on it, like lighting.

Most of it doesn’t have any lighting. Yeah, looks like honestly, sometimes like IR lighting and things like that really. But yeah, we’ll do a ton of stuff with all that requires like we have a whole bunch of cameras on and stuff like that. Yeah, with all IR, this is a perfect person. So if we understand that, of course, two images where they put modern things like that.

That’s so cool. Just little one.

So this is like drone we’re working, swarm drone we’re working in for the international science manager. So weather drone, she’s stacked up on. Oh wow, they would kind of olive oil into the atmosphere. That’s cool. So this is one of metal drone. This is all free print right now, but we’re looking to kind of get into mass manufacturing these. So injection all these. We just did a cool project where we were flying this continuously through a new place really close.

Oh, oh, that is.

Any temperature, dad, and things like that.

So yeah, what kind of volumes do you eventually want to get to with you? Switzerland’s hopefully like a low thousand.

There’s a big market for like really small brands like researchers.

Yeah, look, I, what is this big guy for?

So this is kind of a bigger drone, which is the military. Yeah, the wings got folded up. Kind of a larger payload.

Definitely looks more intimidating.

Yeah, definitely more intimidating about the Mustang underwater one. And we have two drones. Yeah, I’ve actually worked on the big front side meeting. It’s just a it’s a mind rolling robot. Marine Corps of love. Land mines underwater. I also lead this one, which is a arm tree robot with chainsaw. So chase up, cut down fruit from Audrey. No way.

That’s so fun. Cool. Well, just in case something hops up that you need some custom elimination for algorithm. So you’re in Gaia, you’ll see you. Yeah, man. And is this like CGI or is this actual results that you’re getting?

So this is largely based off of my art, but we are work. I work on MIT spinout. A bunch of geeks come from the atoms vehicles industry. Yeah, we’ve rebuilt a custom stack that’s very similar to what we’ve built for atoms vehicles, but built from the ground up, designed for forestry management. So this is about 1,000 times more, I think, than.

What they do today. So this is the real data.

This is real day.

Wow, that’s so cool. Who are you hiring for.

Right now? Perception robotics engineer. Specifically, we’re looking for people with really strong software development.

Fundamentals. Cool. And so it’s completely slider. You have no elimination. Cuz I design elimination. So that’s what I.

Well, it’s sliders, cameras and satellite imagery.

And satellite mine. Cool. Thank you. That’s awesome. And then website is Gaia dash AI dot Eco. If you guys want more information, is there anything that you might need to add a little bit combination for in the future?

It sounds like it’s involved in vision.

I mean, cuz I don’t, I only do the non imaging optics for upstream engineering so that the elimination or the IR sensors that don’t form an image. But a lot of times, a lot of my clients are robotics companies that need extra lighting or specialized lighting to get.

Like really good images. That’s interesting. I mean, we definitely have weird lighting situations in the forest. So there’s maybe an opportunity in the future for as we evolve to check that. Cool.

This lasted on. I think we should. Best luck with everyone. Thanks. Right now we hire mainly software engineers. So right now we have full stack for robotics open. Cuz our, we are a consulting company where we do a lot for our clients. Right now, a lot of our projects are in the robotics field. So with that one, robotics is a big thing. There’s a lot of sequence python, the robotic simulations, all the different ones. We do have a lot of different decisions, specifically full stack for robotics. We have seen as most Python on senior follows funnel. Perfect. Okay.

And then, so I was trying to find the website, but it’s still like a QR code. Where can people go? It’s Geisel dot software. Okay, it Geisel spells Gee, yeah guys. And dot software is the extension. I’ve never heard dot software. And then if you do backslash careers, perfect. Oh, so I’m Aaron. Nice to meet you. So you’re from California originally, but we’re in bus right now.

So I’m graduating in two weeks from Boston University. I’m account of engineering. Oh, I just finished up my capstone project for my mechanical engineering class. And as soon as that was over, I came right here to go to Career Fair, try to find a full time position here in Boston. Yeah, I love all 4 years in Boston as a college student. I would love to stay here as a in a full time position. Yeah, or anything robotics related, hardware related, anything that can get my hands on, see like actual results, see something actually like country information. Yeah, that’s the best.