Mature Pro Glasses Review: Testing the Spacewalker App Across Devices

Hey, what’s up guys? So today I got another awesome tech review for you. We’re talking about the mature pro glasses, and we’re gonna take their spacewalker app for a test drive. This app has had a ton of buzz from iPhone and Android users. And now finally, we got Macbooks compatible with it. So there’s a lot to unpack here. I say we get started. Oh, first thing I’m noticing is RND. I think that’s pretty sleek. They’re very lightweight. It’s comfortable. What do you think so far? Let’s fire him up.

Okay, moment of truth. Oh, dude, the screen is like super bright. It’s sharp. And can you see what I’m seeing? Come on. No? Okay, let’s keep it that way. What about spatial video? Yep, that’s pretty cool. Let’s say you want to use the multi screen setup. All you need is just the adapter and you can use the multi screen feature. Cool thing about this app is you can use your phone as a trackpad or a laser pointer, which is pretty cool. Okay, there’s one last thing to do. We gotta go to work, man. Come on, let’s go.

What is he looking at? I think he’s just watching a video. What were you watching? Did honestly, man. Little bit of Seinfeld. Time to go aboard. So mature really improved their electrochromic film on these new pros, and it’s blocking a ton of light, which feels super immersive. Also, I love how I can watch at any angle under the apple watch. The worst. Yep, that’s forward in reverse. Still gotta do. What about Android users? Do we still get the same features, dude? For sure. I mean, the spacewalker app or Samsung’s Dex mode work perfectly for Android join. Can’t you try, right? How do I look, dude? Wow, dude, this is actually sick. Yeah, you feeling? I dig this. So Dan is going off in LA LA Land and we’ll just let him be later. Dan, you know what I love about these is the built in speakers because no one around me can hear what I’m listening to. However, if I do need to chat with somebody, I just put it on ambient myself. Okay, I don’t I know when the hell I’m playing.

Finally got to the office and it’s time to get some work done. Okay, so once I launch the spacewalker app, I’m on the moon, baby. The screens pop right up. Cool thing about this is it has different layouts. First up, we got a stacked layout, perfect for designing a presentation, which I kind of need to do. There’s also ultra wide mode, which is great for watching a movie or playing video games and how to say, the Skywalker app. That’s a space walker. That’s right. Last screen set up. Oh, yep. I’m digging that. And if you need to recenter your screen, so you’re gonna tap these three buttons, and then you’re gonna hit your R. You can also enlarge or shrink your screen too. So you just hit these and then you can hit the up arrow, the down arrow. Now what’s great about this is I can put on whatever music or movie I want without anyone knowing.

Pop quiz. Remember the electrochromic film I mentioned? Well, spacewalker app adjusts the darkness as you look down so you can see your keyboard as you type. And then when you look back up is dark again. Back down, back up. All right. So what’s the verdict? Okay. Honestly, man, I love these. I mean, the screen is super bright. I love that it’s compatible with my laptop top and my iPhone and I can use it in so many different places, too. Do you think we’ll see some love for the PC peeps? Oh, great question. Definitely check back on macro.