Roofing Adventures, TikTok Tips, Color Mixing Lesson, and Thrifting Thursdays: A Weekend Update

Hello. Time for little coffee talk. What’s going on is we got our new roof. That was a crazy, stressful, anxiety filled eight hours. We were in the house and it was just eight hours of scraping and pounding and vibrations and voices. And for someone like me, oh, and the cats, Minx and Annex, were really stressed out about it, too. It was hard day to get through, but it’s done. It’s wonderful. It’s a 50 year warranty. It looks fantastic. They did a great job and so thankful that it’s over. Huge job, huge expense. We knew going into this home we’d need a new roof within a few years. And just to know that it’s done is a huge relief. So that’s done. I wanna go live in the morning.

I’m thinking around 10 in the morning on Sunday. I promise to show some color mixing. Watercolor color mixing, show you how to make sure your own colors, and we’ll learn the basics of some color theory. If you wanna sit down with your paints and brushes and paper and make some colors with me, can you do that little lesson?

TikTok has a couple features that are kind of cool that I’m not sure everyone’s aware of. So I was gonna talk about them. If you press and hold the screen on a video you’re watching, there’s an option called Clear Display, and it takes off all the little icons and things and all the words on the screen off. So yeah, all you see is the person’s video itself with all, if that’s distracting to you, you can remove those and that’s a really cool thing. And it also works on lives. So if you wanna see just the video, not the comments and things, you can use Clear display. Now also on that same along that same vein is if you tap and hold the screen, you there’s also an option to change a playback speed. So I know I post sped up videos a lot to squeeze them in to the time that’s allowed. But if you want to slow those down, you can tap and hold the screen and change the playback speed so you can watch them slower. It’s kind of funny if someone’s talking or if there’s music on their video and you slow it down, you’re gonna hear it like this. But it’s okay. It’s helpful sometimes to see somebody moving a little slower if you’re trying to follow along with what they’re doing. So I just wanted to mention those.

Not everybody is aware of those options here on TikTok. Also along the lines of the journaling community we have here, crafting community, art community. If you create content and you want more followers, why don’t you drop a comment here on this video and so we can all see that you’d like to build your following. And then hopefully those that are watching this video, we’ll go over and support you and support your page and follow you. So least we can do. I like to follow people, go back that create content that follow me. So yeah, just drop a comment and we’ll go over and support your page. And then what else? So I’m just, I’m gonna get ready after this video and go thrifting. So I’ll be posting my Thrifting Thursdays video a little bit later. And, but other than that, I just hope everybody has a really good day. If you’re Michigan, Ohio, whatever these states, we’re getting our heat wave. Stay cool. Take care, everybody. Have a great day.