Ultimate Skincare Routine: High-End Products for Glowing Skin

Okay, so I recorded a video a couple weeks ago of my pregnancy skincare routine. And I have gotten so many requests for my skincare routine prior to pregnancy and by so many requests, I mean literally just my sister. So hi sister, this is reminding me of when she was in college and she requested that I make a full video of how to do your makeup with all the products listed and everything. So I literally made a YouTube video, yeah, of me doing my makeup. And mind you, she’s six years older than me. So that’s just back on Mike Mac eyeshadow was a thing. And I’m pretty sure she still does the same routine today.

So anyway, I’m gonna give you all the products now. Heads up, this is not drugstore products. This is high end . So it’s not cheap, but I will say it completely changed my skin and it was a game changer for me. So I’m gonna show you all the products. They’re all Zoe skincare, which you can buy this on Amazon, which is what I would recommend. Cuz I don’t even know where they sell it anywhere else, but I don’t. Amazon. Okay, here we go.

Okay, so the first thing is the Gentle cleanser. Again, this is Zoe Skin Health Gentle Cleanser, all skin types. So you would use this as a face wash. So in the morning and at night, you would use this twice a day? I still use this during pregnancy. So I, it is pregnancy safe and I believe it’s breastfeeding safe as well. So this one you can get in all different sizes. Like I had gotten a ginormous one, but I got the, but I got this one for when I travel so you can get like a smaller size to try it out and everything. But gentle cleanser, all of the other products that I’m about to show you, I do not use while I’m pregnant. So the first one is Zoe Skin Health Exfoliating Pulse Polish. It comes in a little blue thing. Again, you can get a smaller size in this. So I would start with the smaller size. But you only use this every other day. So in the morning, every other day, you would get a little amount. This.

Is gonna like get all the dry skin off your face, which is important. So exfoliate your face. Okay. And this is what it looks like. Exfoliating polish. There we go. Okay, step 3, another thing you’re only.

Gonna do every other day. So I would do this on the days where I don’t do that exfoliating polish. You only wanna do this once a day. This stuff has retinal in it, which is a huge chemical. I don’t even know what retinal is, but all I know is that I was.

Told to start using this very gradually. So it’s called the Renewal Cream. It seriously makes a huge difference in redness and like pigmentation on my face. So again, use a small amount, use it every other day when you’re not using that exfoliating polish and only do it once a day. Okay, next, these are a game changer. Okay, this is the complexion renewal pads. If you don’t get everything, fine, but get this, okay, because whenever you have a pimple or, you know, you’ve got stuff on your face, you got a little breakout, these are gonna, poof, be gone. Okay, you’re gonna use this twice a day. So if you didn’t get the exfoliating polish and the renewal cream, get this, and the gentle cleanser. And you’re gonna do this after all of those steps twice a day. So in the morning and at night. And the cool thing about these, there are little pads. So they look like this and you can reuse them. I would suggest cutting them in half and using 1/2 of a pad each time you do it. It’s each time you do it during the day. So have a pad every time. So then you’re, you know, you can use.

You’re not getting going through them as quickly. Okay, I can’t speak, but these are a must and my towel is about to fall off. Okay.

And then last step, this one is only at night. So this is like your nightly moisturizing cream. It’s called growth serum. Sorry, growth factor serum. Okay, again, it’s so skin health, but this is so thick, it’s so creamy, you only wanna put it on at night. But seriously, it feels so good on your skin and it’s amazing. So this one I think is the most expensive out of all of them, but I honestly think it’s like one of the most important ones. So this one so good. So again, let’s recap. Hold on. Okay, so let’s recap. Alright, now again, are these products cheap? No. Do I think they’re worth it? Yes. Gentle cleanser twice a day, exfoliating polish every other day, twice a day, renewal cream every other day, once a day to start out. Renewal pads, very important, twice a day, but cut them in half and only use 1/2 each time. And then lastly, only at night, your growth serum factor, growth factor serum. Okay. Okay.

Now this is totally unrelated, but she also asked me for a concealer and my mascara recommendations. So this she also wants a concealer that’s not too thick because she doesn’t wear a ton of makeup. So she wants to be able to like just put this on. So this is Revlon Color stay Skin Awaken, the 5 in 1 concealer. It’s so light. It spreads really easily. You could do it with your fingers. You don’t even need a brush or a blender or anything like that. Put it under your eyes and on any spots where you see redness and you wanna get rid of it. Okay, there you go.

Now for mascara, I’m gonna give you two options. Okay? One is waterproof and the other is not. Now, I am not. I haven’t been a huge fan of the waterproof mascara, but these two together go really well. But if you don’t wanna buy two, I understand. I would. If you’re fine without waterproof, I would go with this bad gal. Bang from benefit. It really might make sure eyelashes really long, really luscious. I love it. And then if you’re wanting more of a waterproof mascara, I would go with this. Better Than Love mascara. Make sure you get the waterproof one. They also have a not waterproof one. So if you wanted to stick with this brand, you could. Honestly, if we’re gonna do that, I would just go with this one. Now, I use this one and then I top with this one. And I love the combination. But again, if you just wanna get one, you can pick between the two of these. Okay, and that it’s all I have for you. Thanks for watching. Bye.