Maple Pepper Bacon Chicken Sandwich: A Spicy and Sweet Chick-Fil-A Review

So today, baby, we went to Chic Fillet and they got a new maple pepper bacon chicken sandwich. So you know what I did? This is the Maple pepper bacon chicken sandwich. It comes with a lemon herb marinated boneless chicken , maple flavor brioche bun with pepper Jack cheese bacon toast and brown sugar and black pepper blend with sweet and spicy pickles. Baby, it’s a whole lot of going on, but you better believe I’m gonna get to the bikini bottom of it. Let me think if a little dram. That’s a little dry. I’m not wrong. This is dry. You might say not about no condiments on here. I am not coordinate somewhere what was a male or some owner. I’m sorry, Mia chicken on bread as crazy as diabolical.

Girl away. I had to fight that thing down. My son forget. This is crazy. Food is supposed to be eating. Ain’t no reason for them to be scared like that. Hold on with my water. Who? Please put some mail or something on this thing. Maybe slash some more to me and let me lubricate mama. Oh, this is exactly how to 10. May I feel okay? Cool. Thank god. I was thinking ahead. I got some, what is this again? Honey roasted barbecue. Some said, girl, are you gonna need something? Cuz they ain’t say nothing about nothing. Let’s go ahead and put some of that honey roasted barbecue on it. Out like that. Oh, don’t you. They get this without nothing. Ask for something, anything. Let me see again, if don’t take a lot of shoes, but the flavor is dead. Okay, it’s already now we can get into the food review. You almost loves me in the first five seconds. My god. Now we’ll say it’s hard to taste the maple. They said, what was maple? The Brios, man, let me take a little piece of this Brill’s mind. They got a little maple on it.

Well, you know, brooch is already sweet, but I don’t taste no maple. Let’s get a little bit of that bacon and see what it’s talking about. I got a little sweetness to it. I’m right. If you say lemonade, herb on the , I likes less. That lies a lot less stuff. We don’t know about that. I don’t know. But as a whole, it’s pretty good. And it’s grilled, so it got to be a little bit more healthier. You know what I mean? It ain’t all the way healthy, but at least it’s a little bit more healthier.

The sandwich is good. I don’t know if it’s hitting all the notes. Somebody was obviously tone deaf. But what matter, judge? Okay, it’s good, but is it maple pepper bacon chicken sandwich? I digress.

I like it. Just a lot of letters. The lettuce thicker than the chicken . Oh, my eating vegetable. I’m not mad at it, though. I’m really not mad at it. Gotta keep putting this also in there, baby, cuz this ain’t fair factor. This is not fair factor. But they gotta make one of these, one of the challenges cuz it’s difficult. It’s very difficult, is that thick cut bacon. Cuz I like mellow thick cup bacon. Now I like they got the back and go, are you back in here? Look, y’all better head over to chick fil and get you on now. I can’t make no promises. Don’t get your host up too high. It’s a good chicken sandwich. That’s all I can promise you. Cuz you already know that’s not.