Summer Makeup Favorites for a Long-Lasting Look: Products and Tips to Keep Your Makeup Fresh All Day

I’m gonna show you guys my favorite products right now for summer to get this look and make sure it stays on all day. Let’s go. First up are these Doctor Dennis Gross Ultragentle daily peels. It’s like a 2 step situation here. My friend Kat, who’s a makeup artist introduce me to these and they really help exfoliate your skin and prep your skin to put on makeup. I find my makeup goes on so much smoother when I use this. And I got the sensitive one so it doesn’t like irritate my skin. Highly suggest getting yourself a fan because it allows you to dry your skin in between layers. Like I have to do another little packet here and it’s better to have dry skin.

So now this is the anti aging neutralizer wipe Foundation concealers on. And I just repurchased this. I ran out a while ago and just never bought it again. But it really is so good.

This is the Chanel Les Beijes. I don’t speak French. Lebege. It’s like a contour. And I use this mirror beauty brush. And it’s such a great bronzer slash contour for summer. It looks so natural. I’ve done it with like no makeup, too. Like if I’m not wearing foundation, it just looks so nice. It melts really well into your skin and just adds that warmth without it being too intense, which I love.

And this is something that my other makeup artist friend, Kelly Anne, recommended to me years ago now, and it really is so good. I’m loving both of these house slabs.

Glassy blush bombs. This is a pink and this is an orange. And for summer, I’ve been kind of switching, but today I’m feeling this orange. It’s just so summery, fun. It’s bright. So I either put it on the back of my hand or today I’m kind of lazy, so I’ll just do like a little football player and I just tap it in. I like a lot of blush. It’s so beautiful. It blends so nicely. Once again, feel like in the summer, just creams in general look so good, like so pretty. And put a little on your nose for a little sunburned effect. When it comes to setting powders, I feel like I always buy a new one and see what I like. But this one I keep repurchasing. This is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush. Flawless Finish. It’s been keeping my makeup in place during the hot summer. Like hip pan, I already repurchased another one. And these powder puffs, I got them on Amazon. And I start in the center of my face. I don’t know if that means anything, but to like, like look at literally is blurring my skin, like Brooks said on the podcast the other day, she’s like, your skin is like blurred. It’s so good. And I’ll bring it for touch up if I need, but I really don’t usually need it.

Then I go in with a powder bronzer and a powder blush and this powder bronze right now, this is YSL Beauty all hours Hyper Bronze. I mean, first of all, this packaging just looks so luck so looks so good on your vanity. It’s such a good bronzer. I like it. It’s not shimmery. It’s not too intense, but it just adds the warmth back in and it kind of sets my cream contour. So by the way, if you don’t follow me on LTK, I just linked a summer makeup collage on there with like all my summer makeup favorites.

Then before I do mascara, I go in with this bad boy. And this is the one size until Dawn Mattifying spray. This stuff will keep your makeup in place all day. Seriously, this is my current mascara duo. I’ve been using this for years. This is the lancome like lash booster primer. I have to use this. Otherwise makeup will transfer for me or the mascara will transfer for me. So it’s just like a white primer. It’s so funny when I’m doing my makeup, sometimes my friends are like, oh, wait, mascara? I’m like, do you think I’m really doing this? Sarah? Do you?

I’m sorry to all my Sarah’s out there. I was not targeted. I just picked a name. This is a new discovery for me. This is the Thrive Cosmetics, Liquid Lash Extensions, Mascara. I’ve heard every podcast talk about this and I was like, fine, I’ll try it. It makes your lashes look out of this world. And my favorite part about it is, cuz this is what I care most about in a mascara, is it does not leak to the lower lash line, which is just the biggest issue for me ever. Always. And I hate it so much. But this mascara, I’ll be, you know, going to film and I’m uncovered or I’ll go podcast and I’ll come back and it’s still exactly where it needs to be. I’ll be shooting all day in the city and I come home and there’s no mascara under my eyes, which is just the biggest win.

Last thing I do. Oh my gosh, look at my lashes right now. Is I pretty much always do this if I’m going out, if it’s during the day, like I’m kind of lazy with eyeshadow. I just take whatever bronze I’m wearing at the moment, put it on a big fluffy brush and pop it in my crease. Normally I would do this before mascara, but I honestly forgot. But I swear it like pulls your face all together because it’s the same bronzer you have on your face. So, and then, of course, I go in with a lip, but that’s nothing special. So that my friends are my summer makeup favorites right now for keeping my makeup on all day.