Taylor Swift’s Paris Night 3 Recap: Fashion, Surprises, and Fan Antics – A Swifty’s Experience

Taylor Swift said some controversial things during Paris Night 3 and we need to debrief. Hey, guys, I’m Ebulin. I’m your resident French Swifty and I just got home from the show. But the show started pretty normal. She came out in the blue and gold. Love her dress, the blue guitar, all fine and good.

She had the silver spaghetti dress for fearless. That’s all normal. For red, she had the at a lot going on at the moment, which is just a normal tea she’s had for a really long time. Rep was normal for speak. Now she brought out the bagel dress. So that was normal. Here’s what we need to talk about, though.

During the folklore evermore, the folklmore set, she said that folklore is one of her favorite albums and she’s never said that before. So interesting. She played 1989 in this green top and pink skirt, if I’m not mistaken. And I think she has full variations of these outfits and she’s just going to mix and match every night. So it’s going to be really fun to see all the combinations of different skirts and different tops. Right now, we’ve seen some pink, we’ve seen some blue, we’ve seen some orange, we’ve seen some purple. So that’s going to be fun.

She had a new outfit for the I can do it with a broken heart portion of ttpd. She had this kind of charcoal gray, like two piece. And on top of that, she had this silver kind of coat thing. So that looked really good. I loved it was so sparkly, was very beautiful.

Then she came out in a new dress for Surprise Song. The dress was red and orange. So there’s a lot of orange going on. We’ve had a new orange lover bodysuit and this new dress. And she sang Hey Steven. And before she started Hey Steven, she said that it’s one of her favorite songs off of fearless. So there was a lot of favorite song. Folklore is one of her favorite albums. Haste Steven is one of her favorite songs. And then she proceeded to sit down at the piano and play Maroon, which was, the mic was on. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was incredible. We ended the night with the light blue dress for midnights and a bodysuit we hadn’t seen in a really long time, like in 20 shows. So I’m glad that bodysuit is back. I was sat next to this woman who was hilarious. And I need to know if anyone has done this at the Eris tour before. But she basically had her phone throughout the entire show and she had the set list open like on a Google, on Google somewhere. And then for every new song, she would Google that song, she would pull out the lyrics and then she would read the lyrics as Taylor was performing or singing. And obviously, she wasn’t too familiar with the songs or with the tour, anything. But instead of just sitting back and in enjoying the show, she was so funny. She wanted to know everything that was going on. Actually, when the surprise song started, she turned to me and she was like, is this a surprise song? And I was like, yeah, yeah, that’s a surprise song. But she was really cute. By the way, I have the best bit of advice, something I didn’t do on night 1 and that I did tonight and I think made a whole lot of difference. I had these earplugs and obviously I did not wanna put earplugs in. But so on like one after the show I felt like I had the biggest headache in the world and the next morning I felt quite hung over. I don’t know if you’ve if you guys have seen my TikTok about that, but tonight I actually put my ear plugs in and I didn’t put them in like all the way, but I put them in enough where I s could still hear the music really loud, but it wasn’t like destroying my ear, if that makes sense. And now coming home, I don’t have the headache I had on night one, and my voice even feels better, even though I screamed every single word to every single song. But with the earbuds in, I could kind of hear myself sing. So I guess I didn’t have to scream as much, which is pretty nice. And hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better than the day following night one. So just as some advice, if you have some earbrush, just put them in. You don’t have to like completely block out the noise, but even just a little bit will really impact how you feel afterwards. So that’s just something I Learned along the way.

This was my final errors tour show. I’m really sad and I didn’t get guilty as sin. So whoever gets guilty as sin as a surprise song. I hate you already. Good night.