Musings on Hydraulic Systems and Technical Challenges

What are you currently about? I’m just turning in a direction. Oh, yeah, so sad. When you’re moving, it’s not nearly so bad. I mean, it’s not easy, but that looks crazy. Oh my gosh. It does work really well actually. Alright, let’s go backwards. Beep. I have so much leverage on the side. It’s really easy to push you. Yeah, also, yeah, with a little bit of movement, the steering is manageable. That is weird looking for my angle. Oh, no doubt, right? Well, I’m gonna think on it for a bit and see if I can come up with a way to add some force into the system externally that is not supplied by farms that, or I just sit here every night and just saturate this about 20 times, go quick, just get super jacked and like magic, we’ve got actual hydraulic lines for this. And then we’re not even particularly expensive because very small it is, as I fear. And the system, it’s not really gonna work. So one, I made a stupid decision when I bought these hydraulic lines. And they are slightly smaller in diameter internally than the am lines, and I didn’t really think that was gonna be an issue, but it is. It made it actually harder to steer well, if you’re going slow, it doesn’t change it. But like actually that slow, it’s basically an incredibly excessive steering damper. But more importantly, I figured this out kind of as I was filling this cuz I was more careful or I mean, basically the same process to fill it this time. These cylinders just aren’t gonna hold up to this. Like not the pressure, but like they’re just not accurate enough. They’re meant for an air system where a little bit of a leak here and there isn’t a big issue, or maybe they’re just old and they’ve been banged around a bunch. I don’t know. They were like Overstock stuff for me, but like, they just, you can see on this one over here, at least it’s done a little bit of seepage here.

But like no matter how well I bleed it, air finds its way back into the system. I really thought that a lot of the squishiness was gonna be in the am lines cuz I could feel them expanding in my hand. But it turns out for squishing, this is because it’s actually impossible to properly leave this system. And it was these cylinders aren’t perfect enough of a seal. I’ll probably switch back to the am lines cuz they look better and work better.

And there we have it, a brand new bona. I even went the extra mile and put it in backward to just lightly champ for that corner. This one, when I made the second pass on the thread, Steve, the vice drip power feed clamping system failed for a moment and it skipped. So I had to take off the first couple of threads, but that’s okay. I mean, this is more than enough threads and it.