The Impact of AI on Art and Media: A Critical Perspective

I personally feel like air, no matter what, is completely unacceptable. It always looks sloppy. It always looks rush, it always looks incomplete and most likely steals from other artists. I bring this up today because I’ve been seeing an increase and essentially the initiatification of the internet, aka AI, just being in every part of the internet and it’s actually making it worse. Like I was scrolling on the Nintendo Switch store a few, maybe like a month or two ago, and I was looking for a new game to play. And in the for sale section there’s like 13 or 14 AI games like with AI covers and I seriously was like, who is playing this? Who is actually going out to play this stuff? This is what inspired this video.

Who actually has the urge to read a book with the AI cover or AI text? Genuinely? Who is praising AI art for being groundbreaking and beautiful? I feel like the people who think air is valid are the same people who are like NFT Bros, stockbros, etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know AI can assist people. I’m just saying nine times out of 10, it’s actively harming people. Like if you’re a person who’s writing a book and it has a AI cover, I promise you just lost 75% of your audience. And even if you make a real cover and you just have a little bit of AI text, I promise you, people pick up on that really quickly. If you have AI artwork, AI profile pictures, or you advocate for AI, you are most likely being blocked by people. Genuinely, the only people who like AI art is people who believe in capitalism and or Christians wanting more proof that God and Jesus are real.

Like if you’ve gone on Facebook at all recently, you’re gonna see tons of old people and AI bot actively commenting on fake AI things. Those, that’s your audience. That’s the audience of the people you were gonna be having. I just say how there’s no like limits or safeguards on AI. So we have to use our own individual discretion, right? Unlike the NFT things is actually being implemented everywhere and places that people actually go. Like I remember seeing this one creator maybe like yesterday talk about how she walked out of her, you know, I think it was like some kind of video creation class because they were taught, they were teaching her how to use AI and how to like replicate people’s faces.

All I’m gonna say is if I see AI product in my face, I’m not supporting it because I am an artist and I understand that AI art purely exists to starve people of resources, starve people of opportunity, etcetera. Also, it just doesn’t look good.

Look, I love A24, right? But this is their first actual big budget movie. Not only is it propaganda, but it uses AI generated images. And I know this is where people are like, oh, it’s just some kind of ads for the, it’s just the ads, right? That is exactly where it starts. That’s where the initiatification starts. You being okay with people’s job being replaced because it’s miniscule and something that doesn’t matter to you, then we’re gonna get the first AI generated movie. It’s gonna be ass, but people are gonna be like, wow, this is truly a work of art. And again, like I said, I feel like that mantra is currently carrying a lot of Hollywood.

Again, chain on UA 24. I’m not gonna be supporting them anymore. Now for this section, I’m gonna say allegedly, a lot, allegedly, Power World uses AI. Now, I’m not in the power community. I’ve just heard a lot about it. The creators of Powerworld originally had a game entirely made out of AI, and it did terrible. The developers also have not shown any concept art whatsoever for the game, which leads people to believe that the concept art is actually just AI diffusion. And look, I’m not gonna be a hater on the game itself. However, the fact that they’re not ever clarifying this AI thing is like a testament to they probably using AI. Again, this is all alleged, but I’m not playing Power World until I know an answer. You know, I didn’t know this, but for Nikki Menage’s Pink Friday too, promotionals, she used AI for all of it. And it looks cheap, it looks tacky, and it looks fake. Nobody supported Pink Friday, too, and it bombed again. I feel like people are just wholeheartedly against AI. And AI. Artists are like, trust me, bro, people are gonna love this. You’re gonna wanna catch onto this wave. And it’s just like the NFT thing. It’s not really catchy on, but as usual, celebrities in Hollywood and dude bros are really trying their best to capitalize off of it. Like, I don’t even care if we use AI for just one sentence in a 30 hour game. I’m not going to play it. I’m just not going to.

Because every time something becomes AI integrated, it replaces people’s jobs actively in real time. Recently, dual lingo integrated AI, and right after implementing it, they cut 10% of their job force. Not only that, but this AI feature is just all of dual lingo. So you’re gonna see a lot of mistranslations, butchering AI voices. And I think with dual lingo, Max, they tout, like they brag about using AI to help you learn. Like, I don’t really care what you say or do. That’s just tacky and corny to me personally. If I wanna learn a language better, I’m not gonna buy Duolingo Maximum. I’m gonna get another app. I’m gonna talk to people again.

The constant integration of AI is actively killing just about every form of media we know. However, with AI killing all mainstream media, we are seeing a resurgent in like indie media such as music, gaming especially, and even shows and movies. While all these corporations and celebrities are on the believe the hype train, regular everyday people like you and me are creating things and it’s actually being seen because we are no longer paying attention to the mainstream things.

All I’m saying in this video is think twice before you use AI. Personally, if I see you have a AI profile picture, I’m blocking you. If I see you use like that horrible Reddit text to speech voice accompanied with AI pictures, I’m blocking you instantaneously. Anytime I see people praising AI on Instagram, I think the account is like evolving AI immediately block everybody, all of them. Because the only people who believe AI will replace art are people who don’t respect artists and actual art. Again, a lot of AI also just steals from people. It has to steal from people to get things. Even the creative AI can’t say where the source images come from because they are aware fully that it has to steal from somebody. And again, like I’m emphasizing art in this video, this also applies to just regular everyday text. AI constantly steals essays, AI constantly steals business records. AI even interrupts scientific research papers.

Now, I can’t show the image, but there’s an image of a rat that was AI generated and submitted and approved. If you see this picture, you know this picture. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The person who wrote that paper got fired, and that paper was inevitably taken down because the research that they did was AI generated. Again, AI only serves a purpose, to confuse people, ball and make things worse. I swear to God, if interview support AI, you are the issue.

Okay, this also applies on here when people use like AI voices for things. Again, personally, I find it to be tacky, corny, annoying, and I will be blocking you if you use them. I’m not talking about like the Texas speech, TikTok voice, although that does use AI. I’m specifically talking about people who like replicate singers and like other important and like notable voices and then use them as like AI videos that all suck. Like I will just be blocking you. I don’t care personally. But yeah, AI is corny and whack. Just know that. And if you expect to sell books or sell anything or expect anybody to pay attention to your works because you use AI, you’re in for a rude awakening.