Love, Pain, and Deception: My Unsettling Journey to Self-Discovery

Actually, that’s gonna. So now in this case, somebody, I did that for two years, two, three years, at eight months, almost three years, their marriage is.

I’m not the ones who come and be Crane on camera and all that, I don’t like some I’ve never imagined doing, right? But this guy, so close to 3 years and he has not done nothing for me. I’ve been the one even help him trying to build him at all of that. I’m not considering any video. So guys, yes, he was beating me and he beats me up on every slightest thing. Instead of love, this guy has given me nothing but pain. Hand wash my friend video. Video. Aktivitas nof this guys. Apa sih video? Lumayan Jokowi di video video. Mbak you. Jadi sedikit. Let us go off.

So now in this case, somebody I detailed for two years, two years at 8 months, almost 3 years, also get married this ending of April. In this video, I was always posted. He wasn’t just for PR, it was really, it was a serious thing. But I don’t want to make it look too serious because I don’t like to put my love life so much on social media until it’s settled, you know. So, and this guy’s intention for three years, I thought three years was to scam me. How? I even thought that he was married later. He costed me because the painful part, because I know that the crusher doesn’t really help, but not the crush of you guys will not help you feel any better. Sometimes you don’t know why way up this doesn’t know why happened. What happened? Was it your fault? Was it me that did you stop questioning your words, questioning yourself as a whole, and you still don’t make sense. You cannot. Stupid point. So like these guys took my 7 millionaire and was trying to take my land documents. But luckily the covered was nice documents. So from ending of April, after we did not come to the diamond, confidence can have a bunch of introduction enemies. So what was drew into it? Do you mean even tracks around me, Jim? You know, then from end of April after person after April for like 1 week street, no one wiki. Did he die?

I was between everything. I was the sex, the love, choke. I was literally outstaying these houses of the time. Instead of loss, is it over? Lonely school.