Vlogging Adventures in Hollywood Studios: Exploring Rides, Meeting Characters, and Enjoying Disney Magic!

Good morning. We are here in Hollywood Studios, so it should be pretty quick. I don’t know how much we’re gonna do. This is, I’m so sad because I started this vlog with a few clips of what we’ve done so far and then they just delete it. We basically did star choice first. We’re on holiday. My brother just said Lopez means what? So that only means one, me. Chewy. Are you also, it’s raining a little bit.

Here’s the Millennium Falcon. I recorded it earlier, but it deleted. We’re at a stormtrooper little store. So cute. An actual prison. This is what I mean when I say I want a car. Hear me out. We’re going to Toy Story in mania now. Cuz we’re into Australia and now I’m trying to find lots. So where is he? I see them, but I don’t see lots of anywhere. Me when I’m one. Hello everyone. I’m doing this by myself y’all. I found lots of there’s a bunch of him. Yeah, there’s an inside out poster, but I don’t see freaky. I don’t see testosterone. Asien itu. Lady Liberty herself. So Toy Story was really fun. I was alone because we were an odd number, but it’s okay because I beat my part. And now we’re getting pizza at this pizza place next to muppets. And then we got Lightning Lane for rise of resistance at 3 timing. So we’re gonna be doing that. And in the meantime, we’ll probably go around some other rides.

So real, we’re at frozen right now. A crazy old value now. Thank you. I love when you sing the hit. I mean, and premier of the Bachelor. This wise woman once said love is an open door. Yeah, this wise woman’s a teenager. Your story? You know, I did help on a lot. Without me, she would have never made it to the top of the North Mountain. Come on. We all know you have.

Back on the star tour for the second time. We have r, two, d, two, c, three, Po. I don’t know why we’re slowing down. Just keep walking. Yeah, after an update about frozen, we just frozen. That was so funny. Back in my element. I kind of want one, but I want an Anakin lightsable. Oh, period 1299.

We slept through all of the Mickey Mouse little movie thing just to kill time because it was reading. But we tried to meet Indiana Jones and that ended up getting cancelled because of the rain. And so we went into that and now we’re gonna go to rise of resistance and just wait in line. Someone was like, ice cream in the rain. I was like, yeah, moment of truth. Time for rise of risk.

Next rule, BBA is everyone assemble. No good. I hear you’re a fine looking group of recruits all the time away. Okay, sure. The way in general here, yes, the theater would not similar. What are we going to another line? Like, are you serious? Control that final bug. I think we’re done here. We already rode all the rides we wanted to. My brothers were able to do their lightsabers and I just watched cuz I already have one. I had a picture with the Stormtroopers. So that was really fun. Now we’re gonna go home because there’s not much left here. We didn’t say for Indiana Jones, the stunt thing, because that was canceled since the rain and we had a reservation. So hello, that was true. Anyways, yeah, I guess he found his super suit. My girl, where is she? She started the fab. She started the fab. The ass Bob. Thanks for watching. Day 3. I know it was a little shorter, but.