Supreme Deep Dish Upside Down Pizza: A Homemade Delight

See, I see the steam. Start your upside down pizza with a little bit of green pepper, a little bit of purple onion. Next step, we have some mushrooms. And on mine, I just love to add some black olives. And then of course, we have our pepperoni. Spread it all around there. Alright, so once you have all your yummy toppings added to your upside down pizza, it’s time to go ahead and throw in that cheese. So I’m choosing some mozzarella cheese to go on this. And as you can see, I’m making a supreme pizza right now. You can top this however you want. If you just want to use maybe Pep scrolling your sausage, it’s your pizza journey. You do it how you see fit. But I love the Supreme. I love those black olives. I love the onions and the peppers. So good.

So we have our mozzarella cheese next up. Normally I would use this craft parmesan, but y’all got on to me in the comments about this and said, do not use this anymore. Always great fresh. So you know what? I took a half a step forward. So I didn’t grate fresh, but I did get freshly grated parmesan from the store to still save me a little bit of time. So next up, we have some Parmesan cheese. Oh boy. We’re gonna give Detroit and Chicago, maybe even New York a run for their money on this pizza, right? Alright, once you got your cheese on there, last step here, we’re gonna go ahead and throw in our pizza sauce. So I got the ragu brand, but you can get any brand you like, right? So we’re gonna go ahead and top this. Oh, there we go. Just throw this all the way around. All right. Yum, yum. Get out of spoon and just kind of even this out on here.

Alright, so now that we have our pizza sauce on here, let’s go ahead and throw in our pizza crust. Okay, give it a little bang. Whoo, pops right out. Just like that. That always scares me a little bit. Does it ever scare you? I don’t know. It just comes out so quick and makes that loud noise. I know I heard the pop on this side. That’s for darn sure. Alright, so we’re gonna go ahead and roll this out, right? There we go. And we’re just gonna go ahead and stretch our edges to fit all the way around our cast iron skillet. Alright, final touches here. Just tuck all this in just like a little blanket all the way around. And then last ingredient here, we got a little bit of olive oil we’re gonna throw on top of this. So you just want to drizzle that all the way around. Oh, this is gonna be so good. And just paint it on. Alright, let’s go ahead and throw this in the oven. Here we go. We’re at 400 degrees right now. Pop that into the middle rack and take off a little mitten. Alright, look at that. Our upside down pizza looks ready to be food. So that was at 400 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes, dependent on your oven. All right, y’all, moment of truth. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put our little wooden cutting board on top of this and we’re gonna flip this upside down pizza over. So this is what it all comes down to. I’m a little nervous. Okay, here we go. Ready? And three, how we can lift this two cast iron heavy. What is that a good path here? Okay, ready? We’re gonna pull it up. Yeah, so I’ll leave it. Shirley. I see the steam. Oh, my goodness. Look how delicious that looks. That looks amazing, doesn’t it? Looks like a pizza. Alright, let’s go ahead and cut into this. Oh, my gosh. Look how Christine, look at all those yummy toppings. I love a good Supreme pizza. Alright, let’s go ahead and get it. There we go. Now we’re doing it real Italian style, right? Alright, just like the pros do it. Let’s go ahead and get us a slice. Oh, my goodness. I hope you get this cheesy. Look at that. I see all the cheese. I love. I get that. Goodness. Are you going to scoop that? All right. Let’s go and dig into this.

Now, normally I use my hands, but this is such a deep dish pizza. I think I’m gonna need a fork for this one. Make sure to get in all those supreme toppings. Got the onion, green pepper, black olives. Let’s go and give it a blow. Pepperoni. However, we are never ordering delivery again. I get this is the way to go. Homemade deep dish upside down pizza. You’ll love it.