Discovering Gems in My TikTok Shop Haul: A Mic Upgrade, Sports Bras, and a Power Washing Water Flosser

Okay, y’all, in the last video, I said that this video was gonna be all about things that I didn’t like from my TikTok shop hall, but I stand corrected because there’s a few things from this TikTok shop hall that I did like. And I’ll start with those before I get into the ones that I didn’t like. Okay. Alright, this right here. All right, this idea is a microphone.

Alright, now I need a microphone. So that’s why I like, I need a new little mic that I can hook up. So the dog can hear me better because on some of my videos, I feel like the mic quality is probably trash. Now I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m going to. But I got this and I think it was super cheap.

So I just wanna showcase this. Okay, showcase my little mic cuz I’m trying to step my videos up.

Okay, cuz I love y’all and you do things for the ones you love. You try to do better for the ones you love. You know what I’m saying? And because I love y’all, I wouldn’t got a mic so it wouldn’t sound furry and weird when I’m doing my videos. Okay, I love y’all that much.

All right, now let’s move on to the next thing. Oh, yes. And again, the makeup is eating. It’s getting a little shiny around here, the desk, cuz I’m swearing, cuz I’m under this light. But I gotta say the makeup is eating.

I’m gonna take you out last time, see how to really see how the makeup is eating. Okay, I’ll take. Okay, let’s get back to the hall. Anyway, another thing that I really like from my hall, I haven’t tried it on yet, but I know I’m like it. These sports bras.

I gotta pack a sports bras cuz y’all know a girl’s getting back on her fitness. I’m getting back on in my grind, on my grind. And I saw this pack of sports bras. It had really good reviews. Look, when y’all are on the TikTok shop, make sure you read them reviews.

Okay? Read the reviews. Check it out on my page. Check it out on whoever’s page. All the girls that are influen promising you to get the stuff, definitely check it out, see what it looks like on them, and then go read them reviews.

I actually start out reading the reviews before I go and buy something. Now, before I go buy anything on TikTok shop, because I want to make sure that I’m getting quality stuff. So these actually have really good reviews. And according to the girls, these are big friendlies. And you know, you girls, I like, I got two big boobs.

I’m a 34 triple date. Okay. So when I saw these and I saw the colors and it definitely, this got stretched sky, good stretch. It also has good resistance. I like that. And it zips in the front so we don’t see. And the colors are vibrant and pretty. And is how many browse is this?

Okay, it’s a 3 pack. And look at the colors. Look at this bright pink. That pretty pink is some pretty. Okay, then what we got? Hello? Look, purple. Yes.

And a blue. I love it. So I cannot wait to try these on fiyao. Well, not really try my own, but I can’t wait to wear. But yeah, I got this 3 pack of sports bras.

I really need to see how much they cost cuz they weren’t expensive at all, which is what motivated me to buy. I think they were like under 10 bucks. It may have been five books for all three days or $8 or something for all three days. Sports bras. So I got all right.

So I got all right. And then what else we got that was actually on my good list. Oh, mother list. Okay. And then this. Now this is actually a waterfloss and I’m excited.

I mean, I’m gonna make a whole video for this one by myself, but it’s a waterfly shell in this box. I need box other stuff. I need some sort to open it. But this is a waterfloss. And if you don’t know about waterfloss, go check it out. Okay, I’m gonna make a review video on this for real.

But just to tell y’all, I got a water floss and it’s supposed to floss out all the stuff out of gunk in your teeth that you don’t get out with the, you know, that you’re not getting with the toothbrush, that you’re not getting with toothbrush and you’re not getting when you like gurgle, you gargle. I don’t know. Y’all say gargo. Either way, it’s getting out of funk. I don’t know.

Okay. It’s getting all that extra stuff that’s in between the teeth that you’re not getting now cuz you’re not flossing for real.

Well, this is like a heavy duty, like it’s got some water, like water pressure. So basically you power washing your mouth. That’s it. This is a power wash for your teeth. Alright, so I’m really excited about that.

I’m trying to get deeper into my self care, especially now that I’m making these videos. Like these, making these videos kind of motivates you to get deeper into yourself care.

It makes you like look at yourself like a model a little bit. You know, I’m sure models do that. I’m sure models like go deeper into self care because they gotta take care of their body because their bodies, you know, can I make them much? So I’m trying to show you all my address, but I do want to show you I was in the top. So yeah, so yeah, though the waterfloss, when I saw this water floss, I was like, hell yeah, I’m gonna get that because it has like things got like four settings on it.

So, and when I saw this is like a power wash for your mouth, I was into it. So I can’t wait to try it like for real. Alright, I see what they look like. I don’t do too much taking it out and touching. I’m supposed to be touching. But look like it’s got like a little toothbrush thing.

It’s got the thing to clean your tongue. It’s got some little nozzles to get back there behind your teeth.

So I’m really excited about this, but we don’t power wash the out of this mouth or not. We’re gonna power wash the heck out of his mouth. I’m excited about that cuz your girl likes to clean your mouth. You know, I like a clean mouth thing.

Come around me with it. Now, I’m just kidding. But I do like a clean mouth. So this is exciting. Can’t wait to try this. I also got a teeth right now that’s coming, too. So we don’t see. I ain’t got there right now, but it’s just coming.

I’m just letting y’all know ahead of time. Alright? So those are the things that I liked. Those are the things that I like. I didn’t know I was gonna run out of time like this.

I’m getting too deep in here cuz I don’t know if y’all really watch my videos past a certain amount of minutes. Okay, come back for the stuff that did not, that I wanted it to work, but it didn’t work for me, in my opinion. As a matter of fact, yeah, those thing come in, come back. I’ll be wearing it.