Restore Your Temple: Blast Hit Boot Camp – Free Women’s Fitness Class

I just wanted to pop on really quickly tonight to remind my ladies that tomorrow is free class or try it Thursday at 11 a. M. We’re doing blast Hit Boot Camp. So I’ve had some people sign up already, but I’m looking for some more. And if you’re on this live, you know who I’m talking about. We’re gonna have a blast tomorrow at boot camp.

And I’m super excited because you know, when God opens the door, he opens it wide open. There is no resistance. There’s no, there’s just no foolishness. You know what I’m saying? Just no foolishness. So when the opportunity came for me to be able to start teaching classes at Tyrone Rec Center, it was like smooth operator smooth. It was just open, says the Lord.

So for the rest is of this month, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m gonna be doing free classes for my bounce class and blast Hit Boot Camp. So tomorrow is blast hit Boot Camp at 11:30 at Tyrone Rex Center. You do have to sign up so I know how many people are gonna be in attendance so I can be prepared for you all.

Like I said, I have a few people who have already signed up already, and I’m looking for a couple more. So I’ll be excited to see you all tomorrow. If you are going to sign up for the class, go ahead and do so. You can sign up at Living Daily Fitness. Come forward slash class and sign up for the free class for blast Hit Boot Camp for tomorrow. There are other classes on there, but sign up for that one specifically. And be sure to read the reader, to click the read more so you can learn all the details about the class and what you need to bring and what to be prepared for on tomorrow. We gonna work. Okay, we don’t work. And this is a women’s only class. So tell your friends, tell your girlfriends, I am doing women only classes. A lot of the people, a lot of the women that I serve, some of them are gym phobic or just don’t like the environment of a gym for many reasons, sometimes out of fear, lack of confidence or, you know, anything of that nature. So I decided to do women only classes.

Sorry, fellas, I don’t train men. I mean, I train with my husband, but I don’t train the guys. If you are looking for a trainer that trains men, I can recommend somebody for you. But I myself do not do that. But if you are looking for somebody, hit me up. I’ll let you know somebody that I know. That’s very good. But this is for women only. So you can come and join this sisterhood of women who are ready to restore their temples and just get their mind, body and spirit to get there. Get in here. Get yourself in here. Go to Living Delhi forward slash classes and sign up. I promise I won’t do you too bad. Maybe. Oh, no, possibly.

Regardless of what we do, we’re gonna have fun. We are going to have a sisterhood of women who want, who have the same goal in mind, who are motivated for the same thing, temple restoration, getting your body together, your mind together and your spirit together. Because remember, we are three parts. So we’re going to be working on our mind, body and spirit in these classes. Okay. I look forward to seeing you girls on the mat tomorrow. Go ahead and sign up at Living Delhi, Forbes slash classes. And I’ll see you then. Bye bye.