Master Your Swing: Learning to Golf Like Bryson DeChambeau

So, I’m gonna teach you how to swing like Bryce into Shambo. Because I honestly think that is the easiest way to swing a golf club. Posted a scorecard the other day in one of my videos. Shot the lowest sum ever. Shot 71 and then play today using this exact swing and shot even par 72. And this is so easy to do. So save this video because you’re gonna wanna come back to this because once you start hitting polls that I’m gonna explain and show, you’re not gonna ever want to hit any other way again. So here’s a crash course on this so you can stand up and do this with me. Like I said, you could definitely bookmark the video, save it, do this later. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna internally rotate our shoulders. Because when you do this, here’s the magic behind it. So we’ll do one arm at a time when you do this. So take your left arm, turn your hand all the way to the right, as far as it will go. You’re gonna feel this pressure on the inside of their form all the way up to the inside your shoulder here and then from here. Keep all this locked in and then just turn your wrist to the left. And what you do is you’ll grip a golf club like this.

But here’s the important thing. When you lock in doing this, try to move your hand and wrist to the left very hard. So Bryson actually calls us the end of range motion. So the magic of this is when you have these shoulders internally rotated and you got these opposing forces working with each other, it makes it very hard if you’re doing this, take your hands together, makes it very hard for you to do that drill and then move your hands not on a straight path. You can go like this very easily with your hands and wrist, but try to go left with them, try to go right with them. Your body is telling you no, it’s almost impossible. Yeah, if I do that, the club face is gonna be square. It’s gonna be a lot easier to swing. And Bryson uses what’s called a single plane swing. So I actually switch to this and I love it. Like I said, it’s probably the easiest way to swing a golf club. And I’ll show you some driver videos here at the end. You can actually pummel the driver very easily doing this. So here’s all you have to add on to this. So once you have that down, you’re like, okay, yeah, that feels weird, but it also feels good at the same time. All you’re gonna wanna do from here is set up in a very single plane position. So if you watch Bryce and swing a club, you’ll notice that. And he’s very upright and it kind of looks funny with his setup and everything. The reason being is because he’s not doing the traditional thing where most golfers would go like this, have this Big Bend in their back, which is very painful for a lot of people, but also to the hinge in the wrist. And when you hold the club up, there’s like a hinge in the wrist here. He does not do that. So you actually want to do more the Bryson, the Mo Norman, what they call owner deviation. So all that is in taking this club, instead of having this wristband here when you’re doing this, you actually want this to be flat. So see how this is flat here? This is not flat. This is flat.

Now from here, when you’re gripping this club, but I like to kind of feel like you’ll see my swing and how upright it is. What I like to feel like for me is like the heel of the club here is kind of coming up in the air. That’s where you’re gonna get the shaft more upright. If you watch a lot of Bryson stuff, his shaft is pointing like in his midsection. Now, granted, he does have single length irons and the, his clubs are actually built in a more upper right line, but all my clubs are standard and it works for anomaly while still doing this. Now the benefit of this too, if you do we what I’m saying in this video it you’re gonna hit very straight shots. So I’m telling you right now, get your alignment right, work on your alignment, pick the spots out that you wanna aim. Because when you do this, that ball is going to go where your body is aligned. This is a really good problem to have.

So, and then from here, so everyone’s body and their arms are going to be different heights and lengths and things like that. So you might need to stand out here where arms are hanging out more. That’s the way kind of Bryson’s looks. We might be, somebody needs to stand closer. Again, having a more upright instead of down here, more of an upright swing. So you really play around with that. But from here, all you’re doing, I do not think about really my head or my legs is nothing. Because when you do this and you’re working with your arms and your body, it’s all a one piece takeaway. So everything turns and goes through pretty much at the same time, so you don’t really have to necessarily think about anything else. That’s why I think this is the easiest swing ever. So what actually looks through in the follow through and everything is gonna be very weird. You at first, you would never play like this or swung like this. But I’m telling you, if you start putting this into action and we’re trying to find a good lie here, this is just a practice area. So, and it’s been like 100 degrees this past weeks. Everything is that again, practice distances. So how far you stay with from the full all that fun stuff.

Actually, we’ll go here. Make sure it’s on camera from here. Just make it super easy. So it should feel like your body is just almost like it’s standing up in a way, like it’s just very natural versus like hunched over with the legs bent and you have all that pressure intention.

So from here, just doing this, getting everything like I said internally rotated, that’s gonna be the biggest key. And then from here, you’re just making a nice smooth swing. You’re not overswing. And like I’m telling you, look how straight that is. Oh my goodness. Right. The flag. Like it’s, I thought this was the craziest thing. Like look at that strike there.

I thought once I get this heel up in the air, I was like, there’s no way I could hit the ball square. Then I start shooting all these real low scores and I’m playing the best I’ve ever played. And it’s just insane. But it is hot. So I’m actually gonna back this up.

But hopefully that works. I mean, if you have any questions, there’s more that goes into it, but I’m using this now and I’m never going away from it. I make it super simple. So if you walk up to this, you just get in that position. And then from there, I kind of feel like feeling I stand straight up and get your the owner deviation. So getting those wrist high up in the air, not like this and, but more of a, in a straight line. And then from there, all you’re doing is just you’re gonna feel very stable once you have shoulders internally rotated, your body can really only go in one path. So all you’re doing from here, just swinging through and keeping your weight very centered or more forward. That nice smooth swing on this. And again, it’s just. Yeah, it’s such a straight bomb every time.