First Shein Haul: Unboxing and Trying On Cute Clothing Pieces

Hey y’all. Hi, I’m understanding. And today’s zoom thing, the question, I’m just like this.

I’m gonna change later, but I’m just doing this for the video or whatever like that. And my package is right here from chain. So I’m gonna do my first chain or my editing stuff. I hope it come out right. If you want more videos like this, let me know.

So let’s try to close. Yeah, it’s my first time getting an actual boxing thing.

Cuz when I normally order all like a few bags, rest the whole box, shop, everything is full. So I have like two pieces of bikinis and stuff like that. So I’m gonna take the stuff out the box and then I’m gonna show you how to close. Okay, nice. Okay, this is the first item right here.

I’m at the opening and then I’ll try on. So I’m see Armando. Okay, this is a two piece set. It’s the shirt and the likes dress thingy. And I think it’s cute. Yeah, but it’s so high. Everything high. Like, oh, no, answers are so long, bro.

Like, yeah, this is the first P shell. I’m gonna put the little picture or whatever right here. The sizing I got is a large. So yeah, a businesswoman. Okay, this just look elegant and classy all.

But if I see like, it sucks me, I guess like it’s kind of, I like it’s different. So I’m wearing this more often I would ever. And yeah, everything on that is these little flare pants or whatever they feel comfortable. Like the idea is so comfortable on a shirt. It’s not from seeing, it’s from at Jesus.

Slowly I’m gonna edit down below. So I want it cuz they have good quality shirts and you know, yeah, I’m loving a pink brow now or pink like that. It looks cute, y’all. Yeah, it’s the outfit. I would like it because it was pink and I remember the word crosses, but the crosses are like, it’s okay.

But like, yeah, this outfit is cute and I could wear this anywhere. So I’m like white sandals or whatever and now look perfect girl, y’all.

It’s my first time ever buying jeans off a sheen yet. Okay, I got some jeans shorts. They look kind of, I like them, but the back with the, like the detailing with the, this order, I don’t like it, bro. Cuz it’s not the same with the others are ever, but I still like it’s comfortable and it’s like lightweight or whatever. So yeah, I’ll be wearing these with a shirt.

I would ever pair it up like that. Now it’s time for the crop top shirts. I have like six of them, but I’m sure I’m trying like. Trus anies kenal dari lama ya? These are long sleeves right here, so I’m gonna take my shirt off and try on, excuse me back.

But this is shirt 1. It’s cute. And they got little rubber thingies, bro. I don’t, I know the colonies with the little cuff right here or whatever.

So it’s like, you know, saw that a long sleeve starts in the white one and then the black one. So yeah, sometimes I’m gonna delete all more starts. So let’s try the more. Okay, this is the lavender. Alright, I mean, it’s cute. It’s like simple it dilemma.

Cuz this goes down a little more so and the back just goes the same way or whatever like that. So this is the labrindoor one. This one also came in a white one and a black one. We rip in Jesus Christ over here, y’all. Okay? This search says faith.

Little affair. Me reach out the bottom of it. The little word just says the Lord is on my side. I will not fear. What can I do to me, sounds 118, verse six.

That, sir, I can’t wait the word extra because I’m Kristen of course, and every people need to know God’s word. So therefore, yeah, I got some stocks cuz I was running out. Yeah, bro, I’m tired already. I don’t know, having these charm hall things I’m trying on my pillow, bro. I’m tired.

Anyway, yeah, I got another dress thingy. What? The shirt. So y’all know how the first one was. I was just put that right there. I don’t feel like turning on y’all. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, bar.

Sorry. So I don’t think I’ll get mad in the comments. I’m sorry, but these are some aren’t, oh, I gotta try this cuz this looks sore. These are some aren’t shirts. Let me try his own. Yeah, let me try this on. I’m bad. I’m gonna lie.

I like this one, but it’s so see through like, bye. Like that’s what I’m covering. Cuz, you know, like, anyways, I like it and it’s, I like when it cuts off right at the top of your belly button. So I said, also this comes in white, black. Oops, my.

And gray. It’s another one, bro. Another one.

Oh, this is the. Yeah, I’m not trying this on, bro. What the heck? Yeah, let me put this gonna be. I’m gonna donate this.

Y’all put this back in my bag and I’m gonna donate this cuz I can’t wear a booty shorts. My body is already thank you. What you see me too early so I’m gonna donate this one or whatever and it’s gonna do other stuff about I’m so sorry for the mess. Okay, so don’t worry about the mess. So worry about the toes of them.

Okay, anyway, this is the bikini top and bottom I had bought or whatever I write my chart on. Oops, let me see. This is the bottom and this is the top. Sasha, I don’t know if like after I sit on my clothes, I won’t do it like this.

Cuz here, yeah, I’m so may I’m not put it on bro. Like what the heck? Anyway, it’s my bikini top right here and the pink one right there. He got it on y’all.

Okay. Something I could deal with. The what this is, bro. This is the bottom. Okay, and this is the top. I’m gonna try this one. Yeah, I didn’t try that top and almost cry.

So tell me why my top is smaller than my actual like right here, like, bro. So I got the top and a lot, the thing at large, I need a medium in a large like, bro, what? That’s crazy. So can you wear down me, Leo? But like I said, I’m a.

Edit this video before I post it. I’m gonna tell you about my height and the size that I got and also the picture. So if I want to get the items, I can. Anyways, love yourself and see you later. Bye.