Unboxing Big Bobby’s Bubble Gump Shrimp Company Parcel: Recipes, Reviews, and Reflections

Hello everyone. I’ve received a parcel in the post from Big Bobby. I’m very excited to find out what it might be. Wow, I can’t believe it. Well, Bubble Gum Shrimp Company. I’m, in fact, a huge fan of Forest Gump. Oh, my gosh. Sardines and tomato sauce. An interesting shake. Littleton, he’s always good. What is this? So prawns and spices, frozen. Well, I’ve never eaten tin prawns. Nobody in this video cuz I didn’t bring a tin opener. Tingly teds. Currently, this is Ed Sheeran’s special hot sauce. Very nice, eh? Rice snack contains wheat, flour, sugar, eggs, salt, seasoning powder, barbecue flavored fish cheese snack with bamboo skewers. That sounds very fancy. Says lizard Fish is made out of. No way. A bubble gump shrink shrimp company cookbook.

Oh, recipes and reflections from Forest government. Wow, I can’t believe it. Big Bobby, this is amazing. Thank you ever so much. Jenny’s little shrimp casseroles. Unbelievable. Just gonna put that safety back in the box. Let’s try some of this. Interesting thing or not the most interesting one. Cuz obviously the most interesting one is the shrimp. Not sure in prawns, but similar sardines and tomato sauce. This is also the sport that you sent me. It’s very useful.

Yeah, smells good. Smells like sardines. These are Thailand sardines. So they’re obviously quite different from like normal stuff you get from Europe. Texture is straight way different. It’s delicate, but it’s not as moist. You can he that’s delicious. So when you first play with them on the plate, you think they’ll be harder and drier when you eat them. They’re actually not source delicious side tomato we really oily, which I like. Now these are more melting amounts than some of the squishy type sardines you can get from places in Europe. Delicious about forest and bubble would love these.

I’m gonna have to get these. Surprising high rating.

He’s getting 9.85. It’s very specific. But yeah, now this, the sort the texture of the fish. So it seems tough, but it melts in your mouth somehow. And then also I like the oiliness of the sauce.