Room Transformation Tips: From Cluttered Chaos to Feng Shui Bliss

Hey, I need the help of TikTok Feng Shui People or Dear Modern. Maybe you can help. Sorry, it took me a month, but hey, I’m here anyways. Here is a blank piece of paper. I need to draw the room to let you know how it looks like. So let’s try to draw the. Where’s the end of this paper? Okay, so the end of this paper is somewhere here. Okay, let’s try to draw this space. Okay, let’s try to draw this space.

Cannot be less and so annoying. It’s annoyed by left hand there. Sometimes, you know, it’s really hard to draw when there’s a buddy tripod blocking the way. Anyway, let’s try to draw this space. Okay, like that. Beautiful. There’s a window. Is this wonky? Is it wonky? I think it’s a bit wonky. Tripods in the way. Anyway, that’s the thing. This year is our island, island top, right? Our island top. Is there violent topics over here, the big granite top. I’m literally drawing things. I hate the tripod again.

Yeah, annoying when it starts unfocusing and refocusing. There’s this bulkhead over here. I re, I realize, I don’t know why, but there’s a bulkhead over there. Oops, then that’s your staircase.

Na, na, na, no, no, no, no. Okay, so I’ll just start to talk a little bit because these kind of rooms are very hard to use. The reason these kind of rooms are very hard to use is because it is very isolating from the rest of the room. You see the rest of the room is here and this is kind of inside, far away. Let’s show an ugly table. So ugly. Why do you even buy this table? What a waste of money. Oh, well, what a waste of money.

มันนิ่มมันนิ่มมันมีซุปมะน. Okay, like this, I sound sassy, but I’m actually a very nice guy. Okay, so don’t be offended. Very sassy, but I am a nice guy, right? Who thinks I’m a nice guy? Raise your hand, everybody. Thank you. And then this one is the ugly chairs. Ho. Oh, my God. Who even designed his things? Gosh, what a shame. What a terrible. Oh, man. Gosh.

Ever. And then our little church penshop. I’m in the church anyway, so that’s how it is. Oh, and that often, like, I know everything is awful here. Well, we’ll make it not awful. That is a bit awful. Like, so this, like the awful wallpaper. Okay, the one we find awful for a reason. Okay, it’s not just awful for no reason is actually awful for very good reason. I, my time is running out. Get it? So this is your room, right? Very bad. The reason this doesn’t work is because let me just make this white because it’s a white light. The reason, hear me out. The reason, and this doesn’t work, is because it’s very hard to get in.

You feel like you must kind of climb through obstacles to get into your space. So the first thing we need to make this field as continuous to the rest of the room as we possibly can and also get rid of. So yes, get rid of that horrible dog.

Thank you. That’s good. Let’s assume the DOC is gone. So that horrible DOC is gone. So this nice and open next step is to get chairs without all those things, without that barrier. We want as little obstacles as possible, as little resistance. Now there’s a bit of resistance over that. So actually what I would do is I would try to make it feel more easy to get in. So let me just erase. I drew everything just to erase it. I know the things I go through for you guys. Okay. Okay. So erase all of that. Get something else. I’ll put my bench on the inner side instead. Okay. Okay. And then I would have a round table. Oh, so hard to draw roundtables. Anyway, here is my bench. Here is my bench. Goes over there. Yes, nice bench over there. Nice round tabletop, tablet top Indian. We have this pedestal, like always pedestal, like so that you can easily get around. Okay, but that’s a leg means a leg in the middle. And then you want to have like stools they can sit on. Okay, stools they can sit on.

Yeah, so you can kind of like more easily kind of get in, you know, something a bit more like welcoming, like something more pretty, something that kind of goes in all directions. Okay, like a nice lamb shade or something and a bit higher window there.

The wallpaper is bad because the wallpaper makes this room feel like a separate room. So try not at the wallpaper, try to make it plain, make it play, make it look like the rest of the room. The next thing is that try, well, let me try to draw the rest of the bench. The next thing is try to make this less like a separate dimension. So if you can take out the frame, you take out the frame. Okay, so it feels less like a separate dimension. Okay, if I know we can’t take out things, but as long as this one doesn’t feel so like a separate thing, and if you can, what’s even better is you, if you can take out the bulkhead, take out that bin. I don’t think it’s a structural beam. I think it’s just like decorative. So if I take it out so it doesn’t feel like a door. Let me show us how it’s gonna look like. It’s gonna be magical. Once you do this, it will flow more continuously.

This is the game changer. Okay? This is the game changer. These will actually make things feel very different because now the ceilings will kind of flow in to your space. See how by taking off that thing, it feels like part of the room now. Also, just something very pretty, like a nice bowl of fruit, blah, blah, blah. Bola food over there. So these are the little tricks to make it easy. You can kind of sit over here and join in. And whoever who’s here would make the insight more palatable to go in, enjoy. So, and making this flow continuously will also help it feel better and try to make it not different colors. Yeah, thanks for your patience. So now you know.