Conversations at the Pool: A Stroke Coach’s Journey

Hey, I’m, sir. It’s quite a stroke you got. I’ve been watching this for a while. I’ve been.

Working on this. I’ve never Learned to swim when I was a.

Kid. I know. That’s what I heard of. I don’t know the other guy, the challenge me. What’s his name? Mike. Behave. Where did you get those Diggles at? I.

Found him online at Amazon and I really like them. And shoot, no, I forgot who they’re, who they are. They are perfect. They’re very soft.

I’m Johnny, the volunteer stroke coach. And I didn’t know. Thank you. What? Oh, yes.

That’s right. It was the one of the days I was here. Oh, she was my daughter. Yeah, Ashley. She was helping me.

Right up front. I’m, I called a muscle in New York City over the weekend. So I’m not sure are, are you, I mean, are we doing this full go or what?

I’ve been enjoying for. I took a break. This is my first time back in the pool in about a month or so. Well, this week, so I had a couple of issues that.

I’ve been waiting for you to come back. It’s been.

Good. But you were you competing when you. Yeah, I.

Was. Yeah, but I really like your stroke and I wanted to see if you wanted to maybe join my group. Okay, I’m a volunteer stroke coach around me and I don’t know and you seemed interested last time I was talking to you about the pyramid program. So I figured, , if you bought on that, you might do the swimming club too. You know.

I may. Look, I would probably be interested maybe this fall after the summer. So.

201999 a month. Oh, that’s right. I wanted to see if you wouldn’t mind working with me on a technique since you’re already here. Have you ever tried to do the closed fist stroke where, you know, it’s easy if you have your hands open like a duck, right? Sketch and duck can swim all day. Yeah, but if you try to do it with just a rock in your hand, you know what I mean? Act like you’re holding a rock. Yeah, it’s harder to act like you’re smoking your crypto rock and you’re swimming through the ocean so you could smoke it on an island. You bet. You’re ready to try that? You wanna race now or are you doing this later? I’m.

Just, stay taking it easy. I’m. I think he’s got about one minute. Oh, really? See, you are.

Yeah, screen. We aren’t.

Oh, no. I’m Bill Gilbert. You’re sitting. Yeah, no, but I met you here with. My daughter and I were over there in the lane swimming. Are you sure? Hey, yes, me and my dad, I have a bed here. About 5 weeks. Yeah, I remember you were talking to both of us right over there. What’s your, what’s my Bill? Oh, I don’t remember your name. I just remember who you are. I just remember you talking to us. And you were talking to, my daughter’s a good swimmer, so she was in the pool. And so you were talking to more, you know, both of us, really. But, sir, that wasn’t me.

Hello, somebody. I think I know exactly who you’re talking about. There’s a doppelganger here. He looks just like me. Oh, he’s like 4 foot 1 and he has the same wire. You sit up top that I do. And he only has two gold. Lady, let me see yours. Oh, you don’t have gold? Oh, yours is pretty good. I just got mine gold plated the other day.

And I thought you said something to my daughter. No.

That wasn’t me. That was.

About, that was like in February, by the way. It says a long time.

Ago. I haven’t been watching them for a while. Oh, yeah, 2,016. 2,017 that I was watching you.

Oh, no. Yeah, I just started swimming in January.

I know. But it was. I thought you were begging my wife back then. So, no, it wasn’t. He was, it wasn’t definitely a case mistake. Cool idea. A case of mistake and swimmer. Okay. It’s good to see though.

So yeah, so are you competing.

To, yeah, next year, the Crypto Olympics. So the crypto currency, I’m getting sponsored by Camcheck Financial. Oh, good. Okay, I gotta get something. Is.

This what you were doing then? The practicing for.

That? That’s why I got her in New York City. I gotta get going, buddy. All right. Well, good luck out here. Good to see.