Review: Pet Mograph Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation in Shade M21 – A Moisturizing and Hydrating Satin Finish

This is the review of the Pet Mograph Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation. And I am in shade M21. So I’ve been very curious to try this foundation because I’ve been seeing a sudden search of people talking about this foundation and talking about how it gives you a very beautiful Saturday finish, how it’s not too mad, how it’s not too glowy. And I’m just very curious to know what this feels like also. This is $110 at Sephora. So texture wise, it is very runny. It’s almost, oops, okay. It’s very watery. It’s very liquidy. It feels a lot like a serum as opposed to a foundation. But let’s put it on.

This is hands down one of the best foundation to apply. It’s such a joy to apply on the skin. In fact, if you use a brush like my Natural makeup brush, or any brush, LA for that matter, if you use a brush and you just apply it, I don’t think you need to blend it with a beauty blender because the application for this is magical is what Alexis from Lipstick Lesbian says, right in her review of this product. Ingredients says that it lays on very well. It has a very good feel to it, but it dries off very fast. So that’s the reason why there’s really no need to go in with a sponge or beauty blender to blend it out. Because as you are applying it, right, it will immediately dry off quite fast. But it still remains moisturizing, it still remains hydrating, luminous. And I understand what she means. It is not exactly mats, but it is not glowy either. Very cloud foundation finish and it is be beautiful.

Let me put on the rest of my face. For me, the Mark of a good foundation, right, lies in several things. One, does it even out your skin tone? Can it even out your skin tone very well and cover the blemishes on your face that has not been color corrected. When there are blemishes that has been color corrected and properly set, can you see nicely on that part without moving whatever is underneath?

But the third most important consideration for me, right, is how the foundation makes me feel. I need to feel confident. I need to feel assured, and I need to feel happy when I use that foundation. And for me, this Pet Mergram Foundation takes all of that boxes. This reminds me of the first time when I tried the Estee Lauder double wear. That kind of happiness, that kind of joy, that kind of sureness that it brings. And it’s also about the assurance, right, that whatever you put on your face, this foundation will accept. And you have this sense of confidence that you can go about your day looking beautiful, looking gorgeous, looking glowy, looking hydrated. And you don’t have to worry that anything will like mess up, you know, so that is what you’re buying, that is what we’re purchasing and that is what I think this foundation can offer.

It is now 4:00, which makes it around seven hours since I last put on this foundation. And this is what is looking like. I am very satisfied with the finish sale. I stayed inside most time in icon places, but it’s still humid LA. Yeah, you know, it’s Singapore, so it definitely will still remain humid. But where the foundation remains, it looks presentable, it looks still juicy, it still looks very satiny. However, I want you to look at this part of my face here, right? So you can see that at this area where I have a little bit of extra skin that is slowly being formed because of the breakout. So it’s like a wound LA you can see that the foundation has worn off, but that’s only because it is so near my spectacle frames that when I smile, it sort of rubs off, right? So it doesn’t help the cause. LA and I do smile and laugh a lot during the workday because I’m a very happy person. Certain parts of my face, the foundation has disappeared, but that’s okay. Because where the foundation remains, which are at the important parts of my face, where the foundation remains, the foundation still looks gorgeous.

So this is what Alexis from Lipstick Lesbian meant where she said that this foundation is strong, but it is not long. Does it wear the same as the Estee Lauder double wear? I think it is 70% similar, not 100%. This beautifully, this marinates quite nicely throughout your day. It gives you a very nice finish, will not give you like a completely 100% flawless look. But that anyway is not what I’m looking for. I am very tempted to buy this, actually. I like the way that it applies. I like the way that it sits on my skin. I hope you guys be useful. You know what you see? Follow me on TikTok and I’ll see you the next one. Bye.