The Rollercoaster of Love in ‘Love Out of USA’ Season 6, Episode 8: Drama, Heartbreak, and Unexpected Twists

Episode we have all been waiting for, love out of USA, Season 6, episode 8. Are you kidding me? And when I tell you my anxiety all day, my heart has been racing, my BPM has been high as I have been waiting for this episode to come out. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. I literally sat on the floor so I could cuz it closer to the TV.

Okay, so our episode starts off with the girls coming back from their dates and telling the girls what went on in their dates. And the girls, of course, told the girls before the boys could that they kissed on their dates.

So Leah finds out from Andrea that she kissed Aaron and Rob. Nicole kiss Cordell and Kendall, but that wasn’t as drastic. I feel like also when Hannah found that out, she handled the situation very well. Also when she talked to Kendall, she handled it very well. And then Aaron and Kayler’s conversation, I feel like when he was saying that they’re so different and he was saying that Andrea is very level headed. Like that’s a decent Kayla. Like that’s basically saying that Kayla is like immature and kind of crazy. And we love an immature and kind of crazy girl. And I don’t think she is. I think they’re just different people. I don’t think it’s because one is level headed and one isn’t. I am so mad at Rob and he should have stayed under that bridge for the rest of the six weeks.

What’s that about him saying to Leah that he was more sexually attracted to Andrea? First of all, why are you bringing that up? That is so irrelevant in the conversation. Like why are you diminishing this girl’s confidence even more? She’s already feeling insecure because obviously his head was turning. So why would you have to throw that in there? Like you could just say that the vibe was better. You don’t have to throw out that. And I mean, Leah had a great point, though. Like, why you kissing me in bed? Like if you’re, if I’m such an ogre, like, which she’s not. She’s freaking gorgeous. Serena comforting Leah was the cutest thing ever. I loved that they slept and soul ties together and I just saw her advice was so good, what she was telling Leah that just, she just needs to like keep her head up and just Serena was being very level headed. She wasn’t instigating anything. Loved it. I love Serena.

Also, we need to talk about Serena, like kind of getting feelings again for Cordel. Why does that always happen the second a man shows less interest in you, you’re always, always, you’re always under them.

Cuz we love toxic. I do get it. If he was very full on. So like now that he’s pulled back, like maybe she’s actually getting to know him and it’s not like as pressured.

Rob rolling on the floor crying, saying that he’s so confused, he doesn’t know, I don’t remember exactly what some of the things he was saying, but like I was just, feel bad for you, sir. Like you were literally here breaking one girl’s heart to be with another girl. And you’re just, you’re the one that’s sad and upset and you’re the one that you want everybody to feel bad for. I don’t feel bad for you at all. Go cry into the bridge some more. Sorry you put in a difficult position and you’re forced to be a man. This is what you have to do as an adult. Like, why not just be honest? Like why you trying to make one girl feel bad because you don’t wanna hurt anybody else feels. You try to please everybody. You can’t be honest and stand your ground.

Robert, we need to talk about this plot twist. The bombshells got a text that they were gonna choose who they wanted to couple up with and the boys that we’re interested had to stand next to them at the fire pit. I love that. Great idea. Glad they did that. We as viewers obviously knew what boys were interested. I think we could have all assumed that Aaron was into Kayla and he wasn’t gonna go for Andrea. But he also probably, we knew that Robin, Adria had something, but getting to see the girl’s reactions as the boys walked up there was just like Peak TV.

Although I did feel really bad for every single one of them because I love live Hannah Leah. Okay, Rob, just with the stall and then I’m sorry, Andrea chooses first and of course she chooses Rob. But I’m sorry, the his at the recoupling. Was that not a tad disrespectful? I didn’t like that. She literally just stole your man and is gonna like Mark her territory by kissing him right then and there. And then Nicole picked Kendall, which I’m not surprised, but I kind of wanted her to pick Hakim because that conversation that they had, I feel like I felt the most chemistry from them in that conversation than any other conversation that she has. So like, I still feel bad for Cordell, but hopefully Cordell and Serena can figure something out.

I’m so mad we don’t have an episode tomorrow cuz that preview again was insane. Not Leah talking to Connor. I don’t know. But I am proud of Leah for exploring more options if that’s what she’s doing. But don’t hurt my girl, Jane, because I love her. Maybe we’ll have some bombshells and then maybe somebody will come in who’s just like perfect for Leah, Anjane and Hannah and live. I’m just scared like at this recoupling that a girl like, oh, you know, I just realize what if it’s one of the ones where the Islanders have to pick who’s gonna leave? No, I’m not ready for that. I’m not emotionally ready for that. I don’t know if I can do that. Okay, anyways, thanks for watching this debrief. I love you all. I will see you Thursday night for our debrief of Episode 9. Okay, bye.