Embracing Divine Guidance: A Journey of Faith and Strength

Last year. What’s up? What do you do? Welcome to Michael practices. Today is June the 8th,2024. Whenever you’re seeing this message or hearing this message is when it’s incentive for you to receive this message. I say, please go watch my first video I posted today. It speaks about some downloads that I got. Good morning. I think I’m gonna start sharing those with you all. Even the songs that I get. And so please go watch that. I talked about very potent things. I feel somebody needs fear. All right? And so let’s go ahead and get in our structure messages. But before we do that, CEO, where is my prayer? Nope. Hold on. Hold up. Wait a minute. Let me get some pimping in it. Yo ma, I’m not gonna find the camera and then disappear. Oh, you know what I’m mixing with my car over here. Say, yo, where they go? Okay, so we just kind of pray cuz I have mixed them in with my other co arts and so I’m believing, you know, mistakes and all that stuff, you know, I feel like everything has a significant suite in some. If that prayer went back in, then there’s another prayer that we need to be putting out, alright? And so we’re just gonna use our prayer cards for today and push our prayers out. Okay, but I’m just sitting there to say a prayer of my heart. So Holy Father, God come to you, giving you thanks for all that you’ve done, all that you will do.

We act that no weapons formed up against us today, tomorrow or the next if any hashtag that could have already been formed made a prosper. I got, we ask that you give us the strength and ability. It’s a push through today we ask that every door of abundance is open and every door so the enemy is closed. Jesus Christ saying we personally thank you. Amen. Ahalia and I . Alright. And so yeah, we’re gonna keep rolling with each other cuz there’s some time doing that, but I’m gonna keep these wrong as possible and bring your eyes coming. Alright, the first scripture message is gonna come from first John 4 and 18 and then the second is from first July 4 and 19. Look at that. So step by step, like, wow, okay, so it’s like something is about to step up. Okay, there is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. And then we love because he loved us first.

I say I believe you go watch that first video. I even put in the title up there somewhere out once you click on it, something about loving fiercely. Okay, because I gave a testimony as well about, you know, how I had to love through a situation. I had to pour out love in order to battle something that was trying to come up against yesterday. Okay? So, you know, some does not want me, the devil does not want me. And I can say something, the devil in a synthetic agent don’t want me in the Ahab version. Sure. Where’s the first? Don’t want me to come sue you guys for this challenge. I’m sitting on a store. My chair, bro, do it around me.

31 and 8 is at the bottom of my deck. It says, therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory. Hallelujah. Okay. So, you know, when people, it gets to the point where the enemy is attacking you and they know that you know that they’re attacking you. And so they’re trying to do it to make you hate them. But baby, I love my enemies. I love them because see what? The enemy fellow realizes that every time that they attack me, I get stronger, my gifts come in heavier. Okay, I wake up my even my kids get stronger every time they send us, hey, we you not hurting us. You helping God bring our blessings in even more. Okay? Make this up.

The Odin’s ruin just fell out. It talks about anything is possible. Nothing’s on there because you can create whatever it is you want to create. You can manifest whatever you want to manifest. Okay, anything is possible. You make, the guy are making the impossible possible for me every time you send a arrow towards me. Okay, every time you sit attack towards my children, every time you send a task towards any of my, anything that’s affected my livelihood, it’s not prospering. It’s only helping me to elevate, helping me to be more beautiful.

Okay, I think I can drop someone’s office, just be blowing up. Don’t even know how, but is leaving me and my beauty still ain’t gone. I heard this morning my head, somebody was whispering to my how she still look good. I have found feel long. I got it. Okay, so you says anything is possible can happen. The sum total of who you are and what you have done and what you have become, choose a direction and go forward. So God is saying the doors are open for you. It’s just you need to choose what direction you wanna go in to the path that you wanna go in, and he gonna make a way for you, but you gotta choose. You can’t be.

I have 11. One told me that the day straddling the things, and that’s what I was doing in spirituality. I was still trying to hold on to my idols, but didn’t talk about I was a Christian, talk about going to turn, talk about putting butt first. But when times got haul, when things were coming through. Yes, I.

ก็บางทีนะออโต้ขนาดให้เบรกกับแม่แสดงว่าอีสานก็เหมือนบ้ากันอ่ะ. Idol accident giving a petition to an idol. Okay, see, like yesterday and this new moon, full of moon and stuff coming on Friday. I’m gonna share the astrology for today too. And when I’m gonna tell you guys why I share the astrology, cuz I know astrategy can be frowned down upon a lot of preachers, okay, but this is the significance of the astrology on a full of moon. Two things can be done with a formal, the farmers can know in a plane, they crop there, go by the almanac, goes by the moon cycle. That’s the significance and that’s the importance of knowing the astrology, knowing when the full moon is coming, knowing what moon is here today. So let you be Harvey. Okay, the second piece today when four moons come, you may see individuals who have been diagnosed with mental health problems pit, get pent, get way out the box. Okay. And it’s because of that planetary alignment in the planets that are close. The moon is because of the moon cycle, okay? It does something to people and people utilize the moon cycles to attack people with witchcraft and moon magic and all kinds.

Sorcery. Okay, I’m just hearing sorcery loud in my hate. Okay, they use these moon faculty. And so, and they also just use the regular planetary alignment of the day when they look at it, they use that to as a guide to help attack you. And so you need to know what the enemy knows so that you can know how to pray against it.

Okay. And so for today, let me tell you what’s going on in a strategy. Venison is still in cancer. And it is, it may make some things difficult for you to grasp, okay, get difficult for you to understand. Okay, but know that some things are not for you to understand. If something is not and you don’t understand something, it’s because God is not ready for you to understand it.

Go back to my other videos. Alright, the best way to channel our feelings may be also a struggle as well, trying to figure out what’s the best way to channel our feelings. And there’s a trying between Scorpio and it may make you feel and Saturn and it may make you feel a bit calmer. Your nerves may calm down. You guys. We also have Chiran coming in, which is encouraging you to film feelings of reservation and growth. Okay, so yeah, excuse that. I’m happy to write that on something so I can see it, but I’m not, these bloopers gonna be here, okay? Cuz I’m gonna keep coming keep giving out of messages and it is what it is okay, roll and uncut. Alright, let’s see what Angel wants to work with us and then you aka follow me over. Whoa, a lot. Okay, lot angels are here. Let’s see one angel for today. Holy Spirit. So I just. Oh, no, the psychiatrist came back out. They wouldn’t impose to be in this deck. So psychiatrist, somebody need a psychiatrist, bro. Somebody really need to go sit down and talk to somebody and figure out what’s going on in their life. I just can’t even move forward. It’s okay to go talk to somebody. You need help. Somebody on this channel, somebody connected to you need help or you need help. Alright, y’all follow me over the part 2 to get the angel that wants to come out and a few more messages.