Navigating Deception: Unveiling Truths with the Holy Spirit’s Guidance

Listen, if you do not allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truths, you will hold the Bible, call the name of Jesus, and still be deceived into believing sentence interpretation of the same Bible you are holding.

Like I said in the part 1 of this video, the question is not whether premium with coconut salt, oil and water wax or not. The devil doesn’t care about any of that. Miracle, science and wonders are not the objective he has set that can perform these things and you know it. They are not the objective. They are just the key drivers here. The devil can perform signs and wonders if that is what it takes to get you to look away from Jesus Christ. To make it work, the devil will make it work.

The transcendental bone of contention here is your attention during prayer, because whatever is the focus of your faith is the object of your. Worship whatever is the focus of your faith is the object of your worship, which is why the business looking on to the ufo and the finish of awal fh g house on nothing else. Sodiq contact you must angsa ones lebih oness angsa discussion. Be honest, what are the things that focuses on when price to god? Father, are you focused on Jesus alone or did you bring some natural things to pull some natural strings? Since it’s like the name of is not enough, so we get to use some things and add. See, for the record, this message is for Christians alone.

People who call themselves Christians, who are named after Christ. Christians don’t let anyone deceive you into believing anything just because they pulled up some bibles verses, just because Elijah used salt to purify a certain land or water doesn’t mean you should use salt whenever you pray or when you free. Elijah didn’t have the name of Jesus that you do. You have the name of Jesus. Elijah didn’t. And just because Jesus used sand and saliva to yield the blind doesn’t mean you should use sand and saliva whenever you pray for the blind. Everything Jesus did was to demonstrate that he is Lord over everything on earth so that you can get to use his name alone to do anything according to the will of God. That is why Jesus didn’t use his own name. He didn’t so that you can use it.

Jesus said, anything you shall ask the father in my name shall be done unto you. Christian’s. Please don’t allow second to deceive you. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is prophetic direction. No, please. It was for direction and guidance that the father gave us the Holy Spirit at the request of Jesus. Don’t let the devil lie to you by showing you all the prophets that did certain strange things in the Old Testament. He is not telling you the truth. The truth is that none of the affects in the Old Testament.

The prifilates of using the name of seasus name of theme. En Darkness you a Great and all the profits of the all testament Inclutin John Bad. Is who baptized Jesus and announced his ministry. You agree tentang conte baptis you agree dan provider lainnya yakni profit juga sih.

Even Jesus said it by himself, that of all the men, one of women, there has never a reason anyone that is greater than John the Baptist yet, I tell you that. But even the least in the kingdom is greater than John the Baptist. The least. That means you. Yes, you are greater than John the Baptist. And that is the truth.

The enemy is trying to keep away from you. He keeps deceiving you. He wants you to be ignorance of this. Because if you do not know who you are in Christ, where you are in Christ and what you have in Christ, the devil will deceive you. You will try to shift your attention by making you look smaller. You will try to shift your attention from focusing on the way, the truth and the life, which is Jesus fetishness, agenda, splitting your attention. That is idolatry. And he can twist the information in the Bible just to suit his agenda and gets you to practice idolatry. Little bilateral. See, he doesn’t even have to be a full blown idolatry, but that is his end game, to give you smaller judgments or alternatives and make you believe that there is intrinsic power in them until they become the focus of your faith. And you can’t pray until you use them.

Christians, please, I’m begging you among my knees, Kristen, please don’t let the devil deceive you. Stop letting him deceive you. Please, God, as a Christian, you must understand that just because something is written or was done in the Bible doesn’t mean you should do it. No. See, you must know that Satan also reads the Bible and he has his own interpretation to everything written in the Bible, which he teaches people put differently every day. You can ask Eve or you can ask Jesus himself. That is why you must have the Holy Spirit of God to guide you into all truths. Listen to that again. That is why you must have the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truths. In fact, Jesus said it was necessary for him to go so that the father can send you the Holy Ghost. Because when the spirit of truth comes, you will guide you into all truths, and he will make you to remember. That is to bring to your remembrance all things, everything that Jesus has taught you. And that is because, what should I say, the spirit will not speak of himself nor of anything else, but the spirit will speak of Jesus. This means even in the truth, you will still need the Holy Spirit to guide you into auto. For example, Jesus heal the blind man’s eye by mixing saliva and sand. That is the truth. That man’s sight was restored. It’s the truth, yes. But still, in that truth, we need the Holy Spirit to guide us so that we don’t build a doctrine of healing the blind around mixing sand and the saliva. Hold on. Let me give you another example. Holy Spirit, please help me.

Elijah, the prophet, once used salts to heal a land that was cursed. Again, that is the truth. But still, in that truth, we need the Holy Spirit to guide us so that we do not build a doctrine of healing the land around salt. And why is this important?

Listen to this. Like I said at the beginning of this video, the devil reads the same Bible you read. In fact, he reads the Bible much more than most of us read the Bible. That means he is exposed to the same information we have. But unfortunately, his agenda for reading this Bible is not the same with us. We want direction. We want healing. We want deliverance. We want breakthrough. We want miracle. But that’s not what the devil wants, is to deceive us and shift our attention away from the Lord by making the Lord Jesus look like Elia or that he’s not as powerful as he says he is. And now because he also reads the same Bible that we read, which informs our decisions and our actions, he can corrupt the truth of that information with his own interpretation. That is why you see so much confusion in the church of Christ today.