10 TikTok Tips to Boost Likes and Views: From Followers to Controversy

Here are a few things to get your likes and your views up on TikTok that I’ve seen a difference in my content. So first thing first, before I even started, I needed to have 10,000 follows. I’m gonna go ahead and get past that. You gotta have 10,000 follows if you wanna start making money. Or if you want TikTok to really kind of like put you in the algorithm when you post a video, make sure it is one minute, one second long. If you have the 10,000 followers, TikTok is not gonna pay you anything if your video is not 1 minute, 1 second long. 60 seconds, yes, is a minute, but to TikTok, it needs to be one minute, 1 second one.

If you’re doing carousel pitches, that means slides. Make sure the first pitcher is interested to make people want to slide to the next picture. It also needs to have a catchy phrase. Like, I know you may be like, what is something catchy? Make it catchy. Like for instance, what my baby did it to me. Slack is gonna make a person wanna see what he did to you. Just make it interesting.

I’m not telling you to be messy, okay? But you need to have things that people can come in back on. You kind of wanna start a little controversy. Not, like I said, do not be messy, do not be mean, do not be hateful. But you do want to have some controversy, something for people to talk about.

This is one thing that everybody does say, consistency. You do have to post every day. I’m sorry if it’s almost like having a product. If nobody don’t see it, how can we want it? You must post every single day, twice a day for the next seven days. Matter of fact, the next 30, if you can’t come up with things to do batch content, that’s where you’re gonna make a whole bunch of things. You’re gonna put them in your draft, you’re gonna save them, and you’re gonna post them constantly.

Also, search engine, go into your search engine box at the top, put in what your video is about. Go to those videos. Once you put in the search engine, scroll down, you gotta see different words that has what your video is about. Okay, you gonna screenshot those words, go back and put them on your video, and then move them out of the video so people won’t see them. But the words would be in the algorithm when people do search them. Learn to sell yourself. People like you for you. So if you’re boring, that’s what you’re gonna entertain boring people. If you have things that are entertaining you scared of the camera, this is not for you. People love transparency and they love you being authentic. Like if you’re silly, be silly. If you crazy, be crazy. If you cute, be cute. If you like clothes, do clothes. If you do have, do have you do nails, if you do all of it, people want to see you. And that’s what they’re here for, to see you.

Also, another thing, if you are posting things from the TikTok shop, those videos don’t have to be 1 minute long because TikTok is not gonna pay you for your 1 minute, 1 second long videos and commission from your TikTok shop. So either you post about things from TikTok shop or you post about 1 minute 1 second loan video so you can get paid that way. If you get what I’m saying, you can’t get paid from both of them at the same time on one video. TikTok Shop, people, if you like TikTok Shop, you can make great commission, but make sure that you’re selling things that are realistic. Like I’m not gonna post anything that I realistically wouldn’t wear just to get a dollar. So if you like it, you will wear it, you would use it, then post it because you naturally just like it and you’re not looking for a dollar behind it. But in the meantime, you still also make money. And last but not least, don’t let this social media run you crazy. We’re just living in the days of social media. So if you could take this platform and use it for your advantage, do so, but don’t let it drive you crazy. Have fun in the process. Okay, bye, y’all. Go file in like me, bear.