Unlocking Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Money on TikTok Shop

Welcome to my TikTok training camp, where I teach you how to make money and literally teach you how to work TikTok Shop, whether it’s growing your account, trying to get some followers, where to start, how to post everything. So this is a really good question. Y’all blow up my last video and ask a ton of questions. So I’m just going down the question and making it reply back videos to anyone that is wanting help. So I’m gonna do my very best to train you on how I have made over $60,000 in the last 3 months on pick up. I also want to be completely honest with y’all and share with y’all that I just found the repost button and I’ve been on the app for 4 years. Just found the repost button probably two months ago. So whatever question that you asked me, don’t think it’s dumb. We’re all here learning. We’re still trying to learn. I’m still trying to learn TikTok, how it works, the algorithm with the best time to post is what I need to post every day. But lately, my educational have been it for me. So thank you. If you are here, I’m happy to train you.

Okay, how do you choose your products that you promote? Okay, this is a really good question. How do you choose your products that you promote? Do you reach out to the brand? Sorry, my daughter’s in the background. Do they reach out to you? Do you scroll through open collaborations? Or do you accept the brand invite?

This is a big question. My favorite thing to do is, and this is just how I work TikTok shop. If you watch other videos or you work it differently than me, that is perfectly fine. But this is what has worked for me. So what I like to do every single time is I go into my TikTok shop for a creator’s tab, and then I will click on Product Marketplace.

I am on product marketplace literally every day because I am always trying to find the cutest t shirts, the cutest necklaces. This is all from TikTok Shop. My whole entire outfit is TikTok shop, y’all. The necklace, which was like $8. The T-shirt, which is a cute comfort color. The hunlara shorts with the built in shorts underneath. I am always trying to find the latest fashion, anything that I personally like to where use, etc. Because what that’s gonna do is when you find products that you genuinely love, it’s gonna come off more real to people whenever you’re promoting your products. So that’s how I choose mine. I don’t just get anything just because I wanna make a dollar off of you. That’s not what I’m doing. Of course, we’re in this to make money, but it’s gonna be a lot easier for you if you find products that you’re obsessed with. Like, give me all the graphic teeth, give me all the cute little initial necklaces, give me all the really comfortable mom shorts and stretchy shorts over, you know, our little mom pooch.

You know, I’m saying that is what I like to find. So what I do is I go to product marketplace and I scroll on it like any other thing like Amazon or anything that we like to search for stuff and I will look for free samples if I, I mean, I don’t know if I did that. I will look for if it gives you an option for a free sample, you can request a free sample and you wait until the seller approves of your free sample request. Now it also says, do you reach out to the brand? Sometimes if I do want a free sample, I will actually message that company and hit contact seller through email or their TikTok shop and say, hey.

And be very confident when you’re telling them, hey, I’m Ali from Alabama. I think I can. I’m very confident that I can make your company money. I would love a free sample of a pair of shorts this color. I’ve done that numerous times. And guess what? They end up sending me PR packages. It’s all about how you present yourself.

Now, you might not agree with doing that, but sometimes when I really want a free sample and I know and I’m confident that I’m gonna make their company money. I will send them an email and say, hey look, I’m Ali from Alabama.

This is my following. I’ve been very successful with TikTok Shop. I would love to work with your company and promote your products. And more than likely, they usually always reply back to me.

Have I actually requested for some free samples and gotten denied? I even have, and I’ve been very successful with TikTok. I’ve made over $60,000 in the last three months. So if you do get denied on a free sample, don’t think it’s the end of the world. Find something else. Okay. Do they reach out to you? Yes, I also have a ton of emails, just like probably everybody else in TikTok shop. I have a ton of emails that are sent to me every single day.

Hey, we would love for you to promote our product. Hey, we see that you’ve been very successful on TikTok. We would love, but you know what I do, guys? I don’t accept all of them. I don’t even hardly accept any of them. I mainly find my own products on Product Marketplace. If I like something, I’ll request a free sample or I’ll message the company and say, hey, look, I would love some of your detergent. Or hey, I would love some graphic teeth. I love graphic teeth. I have moms that love graphic teeth as my followers.

I think I can make your company money. I think we would work well together. And then it says, do you scroll through the open collaboration? I do, but I check them, but I get so many a day. I really just try not to overwhelm myself and I just look at the product marketplace.

Do you accept the brand invite? Some I have now, they will message me and say, hey, I sent you an invitation. If you wanna accept it, we’ll send you some stuff. So that is TikTok shop.

I know that was a lot, but y’all still, please drop your questions below. I’m gonna be answering basic questions on how to do this, how to work this. I’m here to help you and train you because I wanna watch all group. I wanna watch all succeed. So if you have any questions, let me know.

Please save this video below so that you can go back to it later. But yes, if you were here, then you were wanting to learn how to work TikTok and all it. Everything is TikTok Shop Creativity Rewards program. I’m here to help you and thank you for putting your trust in me, y’all.