Fertility and Intimacy: Navigating Taboos and Wellness with Fresh Timonials

Welcome back to another episode of Fresh Timonials, the Fenfresh TikTok series, where we tackle taboos and dive deep into topics that we’re often too shy to ask about. I’m your host, cyan, and today we’re here with Karishma to talk through fertility and infertility.

Thank you for having me. Hi, charisma.

Thank you for being here. Excited. Me too. I feel like this is such an important topic because so many people who are going through fertility or infertility are told to not tell anyone. You know, keep it a secret, keep it private. So it’s great to have you here to share your experience.

So I’m 32 and I’m just thinking about my fertility now, and I’m thinking maybe I’m a little bit too late. So what aged women start being concerned about their fertility?

I think fertility is a really interesting issue because it sounds like if you start talking about fertility, you’re ready to have kids and it definitely doesn’t need to be like that. So I think thinking about fertility in your early 20s, understanding your menstrual cycle, knowing what it takes to get pregnant if you want to is really important so that you can be as prepared as you need to be for when the time comes and you feel ready. And what.

Advice would you give to someone who’s thinking they might not want kids so they’re not even gonna bother, you know, finding out about their fertility.

Having children is a very subjective topic. So you might just not want to have kids or you might just not be sure right now and that might change. So I think even as a woman, understanding your woman’s health and mental cycle, regardless of children, can be really positive for your just overall health and knowing kind of what your cycle looks like, how it affects your mood. And then obviously, if you do want to have children, you can use that information to use that as a tool basically.

Right? So whether you’re sure or not, it’s good to just check it out, see where you’re at. Exactly, you know, where you’re standing. I.

Didn’t start thinking about babies until 26 at the earliest. I didn’t know how my cycle worked. And actually, once I actually started trying, I realized there were issues with my cycle. So I think trying to understand your body as early as possible can help any challenges further down the line. Obviously, once you get to 30, it might look a little bit different for you as a fertility picture and those challenges might be a little bit harder. So I think having consideration in your early 20s will help that process. Yeah, in terms of egg freezing, that’s a great tool, I think, for women who aren’t sure where they’re at, whether they want to have children now or they want to delay a bit later or obviously for medical issues as well.

Okay, so 32 is not too late. No, they still look into it. Yes. When it comes to reoccurring UTI, bacterial vaginosis and thrush, does that actually play a part in fertility down the line?

I think anything to do with your intimate health is so important, and considering what’s going on down there can obviously play a part. So if it’s just a one off UTI now, if you leave it, it could obviously become a bigger problem. So if you do have any issues that you’re worried about or maybe a bit embarrassed about, be sure to go and get them checked out because right now they’re not a problem. But if you leave these things, you know how it goes. Things can get worse if you try and kind of hide it under the covers. So I think talking to a medical professional or health expert, if you have had like reoccurring issues for fresh utis, whatever it might be, and then obviously looking at kind of sensitive wash to balance your pH and look after your intimate health is so important because I think it can often go quite neglected. I think we don’t really think about it. Yeah, or we only think about it when there is a problem and a red flag. Yeah, but I think it’s great to be proactive with wash or wipe. So whatever it might be, to just help balance things so you’re not facing any issues. So drink lots of water, wear soft cotton underwear, might not be cute all the time. And, you know, go to the toilet after you have sex. All of those like everyday things that you can do to help your intimate health. And obviously with products that can only be enhanced as well.

So what advice would you give to someone who’s is at the bottom of their list, they don’t wanna go to the doctor, they don’t wanna sort it out.

I think often that when it’s at the bottom of the list, it’s because of embarrassment and not wanting to address these things. I think obviously things like Utis and thrush can be addressed at home through like pharmacist products, but sometimes you need a bit of extra help. You might need antibiotics. And I think just go and see that doctor if you have been. Put it off and it’s at the bottom of the list, I think if it’s something visible to the outside world, you probably wouldn’t put it off. Yeah, but because it’s not something we talk about a lot, so it’s at the bottom of the list and we try and hide it. I think that’s why it falls to the our least priority. So yeah, I think just get out the way. You’ll feel much better. And your.

Doctors heard it all before.

Exactly. They’ve seen everything. I always think that when I go to the doctors, I think you’re the only one suffering with these problems and you get them and it’s just like a routine appointment for them.

Do you use femfresh? And if so, what’s your favorite product?

I do. And my favorite product is the Daily Wipes. So having gone through infertility and IBF, I’ve had a packet of these in my handbag the whole time. Obviously, going through that process, it’s very intimate and you’re getting your bits out a lot of the time at these appointments. So it’s great to feel confident at the end of the day, if you’ve been to work and you’ve got an appointment after she, just feel fresh and go into your appointment knowing that everything is taken care of.

Okay, brilliant. So there’s so much information online on what to do and what not to do to get yourself ready for fertility. So are there any specific lifestyle factors that can actually impact fertility?

Yes, and I don’t think we realize how big lifestyle can play a part in fertility. I think because you’re just living your life until one day does you decide that you want that children. Yeah, but factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, weight, and stress. I think stress, particularly with how busy everyone’s lives are nowadays and working and all of the things that we’re trying to consider, really do play a bigger part than we would expect. I think if you’re obviously considering trying for a baby, have a look at those things beforehand. So you don’t need to wake up one day instantly eat really healthily and change all of your routine. But I think if you can make tweaks slightly along the way, then it will really help.

Does good intimate hygiene have anything to do with fertility?

Yeah, so obviously infertility is such a huge topic and there’s lots of causes to that. So be it hormonal imbalances, reproductive issues. And I think really focusing on that intimate health early on, it can really help the process. So whether that’s balancing your pH through the washes or taking a packet of wipes out with you in case you need it. Obviously address any intimate health issues that you might have, and it can play a really big role. So don’t leave any small issues unattended. Yeah, because it cannot see impact in the long run. What.

Can I do if I know someone who is struggling with their fertility? Like what’s the best way that I can support them during that time?

I think impetuity is so unique for everybody. As someone who’s experienced it and also has close friends going through it, I think the experience is not the same for any one person. My opinion would be to just be there for them, reach out, check in, be that over text, in person.

Obviously, these topics can be quite emotionally and emotionally draining. So I think not always expecting that person’s time, but just letting them know that you’re there for them and don’t give unsolicited advice. I think when you’re going through infertility, there’s lots of people that would say just have lots of sex. And unfortunately, that is not the answer for most people, right, who are struggling with infertility. So just be conscious what they might be going through. They might not show you everything that they’re feeling. They might feel quite guarded about it or even embarrassed. So just drop a text, let them know you’re there and drop off brownies at their front door, you know? Yeah, there’s no requirement for a chat if they don’t want to, but just a gesture to know that you’re thinking of them and you’re there when they’re ready to talk to you.

So I’d love to know if I am trying to conceive, I’ll send fresh products safe to.

Use. Yes, of course, are safe. Intimate health is so important. And I think even if you don’t have any issues, it’s something you can be really proactive with to help ensure there is no issues when it comes to trying to conceive or intimate health and fertility and so on. Yeah, I think it’s so wide reaching that looking after ourselves, that is one of the most important parts of being a woman, especially if you are considering your cycle of utility in the long run. So yeah, definitely they’re great.

And if there was one message you’d love to share today before we end, what would it be?

I think don’t let the infertility define you and don’t let it feel like it’s your fault. That’s probably two messages. And I have made it my whole personality, but I think there is so much pressure on trying to have a baby if you want one. And it can feel very isolating, even amongst your partner. So try and take a step back where possible because I know I spend hours in forums googling to the deepest, darkest pit of the internet. So just be kind to yourself. If you’re going for it, that’s going to happen. I can say don’t let yourselves spiral. But at the end of the day, everyone’s so unique, and I know I did, but just don’t let it consume you at every point of the day.

So everyone’s journey is different. Yes, take it each day as it comes and. Exactly. Speak out and get advice if you can. Exactly.

And no day looks the same. You might have a great day. It doesn’t mean you care any less. And if you are feeling low, just take a step back and realize that your body just telling you to just have a little break for a moment. So.

Thank you so much, Karishma. This has been fresh timonials by Femfish. And we’ll see you in the next episode.