Journey Through My Reading Journal: Tracking Books, Goals, and Memories in 2024

Hey guys, so it is always may and I’m finally like happy with my reading journal for the year and I thought I would show you all my different spreads and what I’m keeping track of. First of all, this is the cover my beautiful friend Hannah bought me this gorgeous notebook. It’s dotted with no margins, which is exactly how I like my bullet journal to be. I feel like it gives you a lot of room for creativity and it also keeps things easy to measure and easy to keep even. So my first page has my name and like where to call in case I will use this. I’ve also stamped it and I have these cute little stickers. Then my first page I have is a TBR list. This is, I don’t write everything that I want to read on here, but it’s just good to keep track of like a few things in case I forget. Then I also have a reading every day of the year.

I’m really proud of myself so far because I have not missed a day of reading. I’ve read at least every day a little bit. The next one I have is a track of like which day of the year that I finish a book. Apple is because I finish two books because I did a tenant read. I finish the breath on the same day. And I think that’s kind of cool to see. I think it’ll be cool throughout the year to see like when, which month I’m reading more and which month I’m reading less. Then of course I have my reading goal for the year. So my goal for the year is 100 books. I also keep track of like who it was written by. Sorry. Yeah, then I also have a books by genre spread. So I have literary fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, science fiction, horror, short stories such poetry, nonfiction and other. And that would be cool to see like which genres I made them read the most out of each year. Then I also have a list of arcs. So I put down the name who was sent to me when it’s being released. And that way I can just keep track of it and make sure that I’m posting my reviews on time and also posting them when other people are gonna be able to read them. I also have a series checkup. I’m only getting into fantasy now, so there’s only two at the moment, which is one Dark Window and the throne of glass series. You can see I’ve got one left to read.

Next, I have my goal of 10 books per month. As you can see, I have been doing very well, but I did really well in January. Sorry, it’s okay. The next one I have is the gimmicks reading challenge. So I just wrote down all the prompts and I just keep track of which book I read for each prompt. So that’s quite cool. And I have a wish list and the price of the book. This is books that I wanna buy, but like I’m not completely sure yet.

Then I have my physical TBR that I started the year with. I have not been doing very well at that. I’ve only read 2 books from my TBR, but it’s fine.

Then I have my top author. So I just keep a tally of any author that I read more than twice just to see if I like their books or not and whether I should read the other books.

We also have my first book club. I put whose pick it is, the book, what I rated it. And that’s really cool to keep track of. I have the DNF page currently. I really got one DNF and it was Empire of the vampire by Jake. So it’s a really good book. It just wasn’t for me. And then I also have a recommendations page for books that people recommend and who recommended them to me. That way I can keep track of them and read them. And then I can go back to the person and talk to them about it. I also was keeping track of my purchases, but it got a little bit out of hand. And and so now I’m on a bookbuying then I think it was good that I did track this though, cuz I could see that I was buying way too many books that I did not need to be buying. So that’s a bit more under control now. I also made a page of reading diversity. Cuz I wanna make sure that I cover, you know, have a really broad range of authors. So I’m still working on that, but I am doing pretty well. So I’m happy with that. And then I have my uni book club page. Sorry, I just have the book, just a few couple of thoughts and like my rating and that’s nice to keep track of as well. And then the rest of my book is like my actual reviews. So I print out the little picture of the cover. I put the title, the author, the year that it was released, the language that it was originally written in, and the rating out of 5 stars.

And then I put like my thoughts. I find this really good because I can kind of consolidate my thoughts and I’m not embarrassed to write whatever I think because no one else is reading it except me. I think this will be really cool to look back on in a couple years and see like all the different books that I read and all my thoughts and I’ll be able to see how my reading habits change over the year then. So I’ve got a lot of blank pages and then in the back, I have the tandem rage, which I did to keep track of all the different chapter changes. And then this probably one of my favorite things is I, when I finish a book, I let myself take the sticker and put it here, like the price TikTok. And I think that’s really cool cuz I can see like which books I bought where and like where and spending most of my money. And then in the back of the book, I just have this little envelope and I just keep anything like that I get. So I got like this little postcard when I went to the deepest, the Fen release party. And I thought that was really cute. And then this day one card, I also have the Dimics Reading Challenge prompts as well. So there you go. There’s my reading journal for 2024.