Transforming Blockchain Gaming with Per Week: A Guide to Gameplay and Strategies

Per week is an innovative Telegram tab to in game. It is designed to revolutionize the world of blockchain gaming. It’s built on the tone blockchain technology. Paypal Week offer seamless, accessible and engaging experience for players.

Now let me take you guys right into the video tutorial. All right, so on paper week, once you click the link, it should take you to your telegram. You click on stats. So you can see airdrop, incoming, invite friends, purchase boosters. This is new. You guys are still early. So you click on play.

Now when the game starts, you will see this recruits. That finger is pointing right there. Okay, it’s very visible. But make a set lineup. See here? Okay, that’s what you are supposed to tap. Okay, to recruit, you click on from open and that is it. Congress, you got this is for 3D. And then you just click on the button, you can see details of Payback Squad, okay, of every week squad, payweekend squad, sorry.

Then you click on it, just follow the tutorials. You tap on this plus sign, this will run for 3 days. Does this energy? You click on it, you click. Now, if you look closely, whenever I shoots them, you see this icon on the floor. Okay, that’s pickles. It goes up to accumulate up here. Okay, so let’s bypass. Okay, you click on those top spots here. So you click at this top here to buy packs.

Now you need to purchase packs for you to get the best in game experience in these projects. All you simply need to do is to purchase some tone so that you can get the best out of these projects. You can also decide to use the free fashion mode. But to me, I’ll prefer to go with that of the pack. So I’m going to purchase it. So you see how it’s done.

Disclaimers, this is not financial advice in any way, okay, because you are reliable for your own investments and decision making and it is mandatory you do your own research before going into something like this. Or let’s just go the this on 11,000 peewee. Let’s go with this one, which is 10, Tom. So we click on Tone Keeper, remember, is built on so the tone blockchain. So you just have to simply connect your wallets and you puts in your pass key or your biometric and let it load when you click on Telegram. So we’ve gotten our packs here. Okay, it’s arrived to the wallets. So all you simply need to do is to go back so that you can purchase some more firing power. Okay, so you click on recruits, which is just to switch it over here. When you do get by the parts click or recruits and then you click on open. Okay, then we selects. Okay. So you can see tadi ya oke, so you click once you open. Is the ground cium play this once we know now you click on this box.

Klik olx odis wow ya pak ini oce oke exposition the person you connect ada yg select oke anda now you have the right azwi abai umum pads the part of the q as well oke.

Si bayi kids gundang so let me go get money adalah oke buat video klarifikasi ocx obal sia. Now that I purchased with that song that I bought, okay. Now what the combination of these six now is going to give you more pickles and in so on, you can actually get to swap these pickles with the prepare with token itself. Okay, so the most because you have the more you get combated when they get released. The good thing about the game is you can go offline and also combat and it will still keep accumulating like this. Okay, now you can go to boosters and also upgrade which has been upgraded. Now you can see that the firing tower is now much more than what it was before. All right. So that is it.

You know, pass like that, whatever PICO you pick is also the same thing as the token itself. So there’s a video and there you have it, guys. You can also share this to your friends and families to get along before they get to list.

We all know how good prepare the tokens used to be, but this is paper week and I’m sure that whenever it hits the market, it might actually get to do tremendously well. And as always, please like share and follow and I’ll see you on the next one.