Empowering Women: A Journey Through Health, Period Education, and Self-Care

You wouldn’t see a stranger on the street start shouting at them or why would you do it on the internet unless you’re crazy? Are you crazy? Hey, sunshine. So I have gotten a few new followers in the last week from some viral videos that I did about periodic patient and women’s health and reproductive health. Like this one. I’m a woman who has appeared with reproductive. First of all, hi, hello, welcome. And then I figured this might be like a really quick way for you guys to get to know me a little bit. While I do my skincare for the day, I’m starting off, I wash my face with user in, which is a, what am I using? This is there exfoliator? And then now I’m going in with my toner from LA Roche per Se. I’m like a mixed combo, oily slash dry girly.

So anyway, first and first is that this is a no niche kind of space. That is the niches that there is no. Anisha, talk about everything that comes to mind that I want to talk about, which could be things that I’m extremely passionate about, for example, women’s health, reproductive health, period, education, things like endometrosis, travel. I’m a travel enthusiast and blogger. I don’t know why so many people think that I’m a medical professional. I’m not. I just was diagnosed with stage 3 entity traces in 2020. See? And so I have experienced 20, almost, yeah, 19 years of pain and that ordeal Learned a lot. And that’s what sort of like led me into knowing what I know and feeling like I needed to share information to help other women advocate for themselves in the health space because things are messed up, like really messed up. Like there’s a lot that women don’t know about their bodies. And for me, it’s like, it’s about time that we change that.

So this is my ICM from Dorothy channel seem to get open. I am not a medical professional. My background is in law and media entertainment. I am an actress and filmmaker. Gosh, I’ve done a lot from TV presenting, producing, hosting, to being on some really amazing projects as an app actress to now officially executive producer my own film, which is about period education and omitrosis, women’s health and horrors of that. I’m a millennial and I am learning new things about this app every single day. I downloaded TikTok about maybe, I don’t know, maybe like 2,3 years ago. And then I uploaded some videos. I got bored with it. And so now I’m trying to like find my groove. This is my johoba oil that I use for my guasha. So I am British Nigerian, which is the best of both worlds, and born and raised in the UK, lived in the UK, spent some time living in New York, as well as spending time in Legal’s Nigeria. Now that will reflect in my accent. I have an accent that’s like, it sounds like it’s from all over the place. That’s because I’ve lived in a few different places and I’ve been influenced my environment. You will see a lot of my British nuances as well as my Nigerian.

Nuan says, anyone that you’re not interested in, just scroll across house rolls about being on, you know, my corner of the internet because I believe that when we are, you know, on our pages and things like that app, we own these spaces.

First thing first is that let’s all remember that we don’t know each other. Okay? I don’t know, you don’t know means the best thing is for us to be respectful of each other. There is no real need for disrespect, especially in the comment section. Another household that I have is that is extremely important that you read, read the captions, okay, and read the tags and the comments. Like 80% of the time the question that you may have, somebody else has already asked, it’s been answered and there’s like clarity. So please, reading and comprehension is very key. I will not go back and forth with you on this internet cuz I just don’t have time for that. Oh, if you’re looking for someone to argue with, to shout and drag with, you will be doing so in an empty room by yourself. I got time for that. I mean, you wouldn’t see a stranger on the street, right, and start shouting at them or like start dragging them. So why would you do it on the internet unless you’re crazy? Are you crazy?

I am on this space to simply learn, provide information, have a good time. I don’t take myself too seriously. I like to have fun. I like to live life. I will do my best to answer any questions that you guys have in the timeframe that is suitable for me. And I will most definitely continue the shopping facts about female and active me reproductive health and period education. It seems like more people want more of that. And as I learn, I’m happy to check if you haven’t watched that.

There is a series up on my profile. I think I’ve done about 5 or 6 parts so far. So you can catch up on those shocking facts that are shocking because we’re all not the same.

Like I have to keep reminding people, like there are millions of us out there in the world. The kind of education that you received was very different to what somebody else received. And one of the viral videos that I did that has like over thousands and thousands of comments. I’m not even going into it. I think that there have been some back and forth and arguments have happening in the comments where people saying things like, oh, you weren’t paying attention to school, that’s why you don’t know this or what kind of school did you go to? What kind of education were they giving you? It’s like, why is it abnormal or why is it insane for you to think that another person’s experience can be different, to use another person’s educational experience, the curriculum, the countries, everything that they were exposed to can be different to yours. Why do you have to shame people simply because they don’t know what you know? Nobody’s an expert in everything at all times. So true.

This is my LA wash per se, sunscreen. I just share this because I don’t want another person to have to take the long road to getting answers to certain conditions that they’re going through.

There’s a lip scrub and bun from my sister’s brand called libex. So it’s just a scrub and bun. And, you know, I hope you enjoy it here at the end of the day. I hope you do. See you next time.