Friendship and Flavor: A Cookbook Collaboration with Benny Blanco and Friends

Hi everyone. So this is really fun. I’m here with my friend Jake Owen, but my new friend Benny Blanco, because he’s got a cookbook out. Congratulations. But before we talk about a recipe, you’re kind of a Renaissance fan, Benny Blanco. You’re a music producer. You work with people like Katie Perry and who else.

RIA. Okay. Is.

It, do you just hang out with all these people? Do they come to your dinner parties?

I personally mostly become friends with people before we start working. Like when I first started working with Ed Sheer and we like went on and got drinks a few times and hung out and then I was like, oh, we should make music. And then I made this album with him to buy. So that’s like, you know, perfect shape of you all those some and we made.

That did. Tell me a little bit about this cookbook. How would you describe that?

Cookbooks are intimidated. Yes. They’re so hard. So I want to make a book where you can open it up and there’s something for you. And I wanted to show people how to throw like the perfect dinner party, like how to pick out the wine, how to add, there’s a QR code so you can scan it and has a playlist for while you’re making your food. I just wanted to make a book where like, yeah, I don’t know, at the end of the night, like how do you kick everybody out and make them still love you? Then next step.

Yeah, I think sometimes you can just excuse yourself. Okay, I’m going to bed.

Okay. Do you wanna know my too? Okay. Yeah, number one, you sit down on the couch and you just close your eyes and then people will slowly file out. Or number, this is the surefire way I say is they want to help me clean up in the kitchen. Everybody has a business appointment at 6 a. M. That whenever you say that.

All right, so what are we making today, fellas? We’re gonna.

Make a salad summer. We’re gonna make a cookie. Say salad.

Why did you cover this with plastic wrap?

Because you’re gonna let them steam a little bit more and then you’re gonna we peel off this. The skin burn. Peel off very easily the burn part.

That’s a little hack, a little kitchen hack. I didn’t know that.

Okay, here’s the dressing. Okay, so easy. You wanna see how quick this dress? Yeah, comes together. Alright, you’re gonna do two tablespoons of Mayo. You’re gonna throw in some Dijon mustard. Yeah, okay, then we’re gonna add some balsamic.

Just regular nut glaze.

Just, yeah, just like a regular nice balsamic. Okay, and we’re gonna add a little bit of trouble. Too much, just like a half a teaspoon. We’ll do. Just a little pinch. You see? Okay. No risk. You can risk. I’ll start. I’ll put in a little salt. Look at this. No wonder you have. I’ve never seen someone do this. Wear her guns come from. This is where he lives. That’s.

I get it.

That’s perfect. Okay. And the skin will just come right off.

While we’re watching, Jake, what’s new in your love life, Benny? How did you meet Selena Gomez?

You’re such a good reporter. We were just in the studio randomly talking and I was like, oh, my God, you should totally come over to my house sometime. We have these dinners. Like I could hook you up with someone and I wasn’t even thinking about it. And then after we started texting and then the next day we went out on a date and I didn’t even know it was a date. And then she was like, well, I would have worn something different for the date. And I said, I was like, run a date. And then we’ve basically been inseparable since. Just looking at her being like hounded, I can’t believe like this is the person I get to smell. No.

iPhone. Oh, that’s so nice. Do you think you’ll get married?

All right. Slice the pepper spoon, Jake. All right. Make it choppy. All right, we’re gonna do a little bit of dressing on the bottom. You know, you wanna just, you know, just get it so everyone gets a little bit you wanted in every bike. So we’re doing like just a little bit first and then we’re gonna put down our peppers. If you want to build this with me, we can build it together. You guys want to put down some tomatoes? Sure. Yeah, we’re just letting them fly. We’re doing things. Yes, it’s beautiful. You look good. Smile. Look to the left. Look to the right. Good. Beautiful. We got tomatoes down. All right.

Now, would it have better, been better with yellow peppers to have some contrast?

Could you get out of here? Yeah, it would have been better. It would have been better. This is the part everyone here. Pop it. Okay, so we’re gonna just like pull apart and add some you wanna do. So yeah, this is, I mean, this stuff I can and we’re just gonna like lay this, let it fall, let it be beautiful.

About runny.

Yeah, we want it unless us. Okay, we’re just dropping these, letting things happen, letting it fly. You want to do.

Something? I just want, excuse me. Yeah, okay. I want to do this in the middle. I feel like that you fixed it. You right?

Okay, we add some olive oil. I always wanna finish with a little bit of olive oil. Beautiful. Oh, there for you. You know, this is a collaboration. So it’s a friend, it’s a cookbook for friends.

Okay, let’s get three ports, right?

Isn’t it good? It’s delicious. It’s a bad lie. No pepper is in the barrier. So nice, beautiful.

Delicious. And I like the little hint of trouble. It’s not friendly, right? Delicious. Yeah, yeah. Okay.