Luxury and Technology: A Review of the BMW iX 2024 Model

I need to buy a new car, so I asked you guys to help me pack. We’ve already test driven a cyber truck and a porch. And now today, one of you guys recommended that I test drive a BMW I X. So here it is sitting right in my driveway. This is the 2024 model and this one starts at $87,000.

So it is definitely consider like a luxury vehicle, but not nearly as high in price as like the cybertruck or some of the other cars we may have planned for the future. I’m not know. Okay, just looking at the exterior, let’s take a look at the car from this angle. Look at the girl. Look at the windshield.

It looks nice. Like this is a hot and sexy car. I cannot confirm or design these allegations, but from what I’ve been told, if a rock like flies up and cracks this grill, it has like self healing technology. The heat from the inside of the car will fix it.

However, if you look at it from the side POV, this is ugly. It’s just not giving a whole lot. Like, this looks like a basic vehicle to me. This looks like I’m taking my kids to soccer practice. No, no. It’s not giving a lot and it’s defense. I also don’t like society.

So this is a fully electric car. Its range is considered between 280 and 320 miles. What do you mean the range is between 280 or 320? Which one is that? You have to pick. You have to pick.

If you’re telling me it’s between those two numbers, we all know that it’s the lower of the two. Tell me the . It’s between 280 and 320 because I know well if I try to make a road trip that’s 320 miles long, my is dying at 280. The whole idea of always, cuz you’re AC in the radio, no .

You should be able to make a king car that takes into account how people are gonna drive it. Let’s look at the inside. Oh, this is nice. This is hot. This is like a curved gaming display. This is Tron Legacy up in here. I’m into that. That’s fine.

What is with all these nice cars having ugly ass maps?

Were all the graphic designers unavailable when these were being manufactured? Like, what is that? Air console and games. Wait, look at this. Okay, connect your phone as controllers literally giving Cahoot. Oh my God, how am I? God, who do I wanna be? Ew, he’s so ugly.

But that’s the same sound. They, whoa. Oh my God. I’m like, not moving. This is so fun. That’s fine. That is really fine. Drive recorder.

So basically, like, if the car thinks you’re gonna get an accent and I’ll start recording and theft. That is very helpful for an insurance claim or like, God forbid, somebody calls the police. That’s cool. I love that. If you open this up, my apps are Phone Music, Maps, Messages, BMW, podcast settings, Amazon Music and Dominos.

Wait, can I order dominant? No way. Stop it right now. Wait. Tap to order.

Hand toss robust tomato sauce, cheese, pepper, garlic, toast, apecel and chicken. Should I do it? Ice and that’ll be ready in 37 to 47 minutes. Oh, there’s no way. I just ordered a pizza through my car. Video games, Indominus and my car side me up. Okay, let’s go for a test drive.

People with the cameras that are all around the car. Apparently, if like a smudge, a fingerprint, like bird poop, dirt gets on one of the little cameras, it’ll sense it.

And they all have like little windshield wiper fluid things that’ll like spray off the camera so it’s always fully clean. That’s very cool. The brakes are very sensitive, which of course is good if you’re a bad driver and we’re gonna get into an accident. Okay, it feels nice. I think that this feels way smoother than the Porsche, but not as smooth as the cybertruck.

Should test out the music inside of my glass. I’m not impressed with that. That doesn’t sound super great. I think that the port sounded way better than that, to be honest. Okay. I read this online. I don’t know if this actually works. Look at that.

Wow time. It was like wizardry. Harry Potter could never. How spacious, though, too? It is very spacious. There’s a lot of room in this car. But hey, also, you guys look at this. So we have the sunroof up top.

I press this button right here. A Fox. Gotta be honest, you guys, I kind of love it. This could be a top contender for sure. I just wish it was like a little tiny bit sexier. I’m gonna read my screen driving a BMW IM. I’m missing 8 out of time. Put cars type F, Type max.