Analyzing the Deeper Themes in ‘Atlas’: A Dissection of AI, Trust, and Agenda-Pushing in Film

Ever since I Learned that the has a film budget, specifically directed for certain movies, I could not watch the movie Atlas that just came out on Net Flicks without an extra grain of salt. For those of you who don’t know, Jennifer Lopez had a 1 million dollar budget for the movie Atlas that was just released on Netflix. I watched the movie last night. I will say Jennifer Elopez. I think you guys need to give her a little bit of a break because her acting wasn’t as cringe as it usually is. Towards the end, it got really good. Her acting was top tier, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

I remember I told you I watch this movie with a grain of salt because I was thinking like, what is it that they’re trying to push, right? And oftentimes we think the opposite, like what agenda is being pushed? But I’m gonna explain to you this movie and what they’re trying to do. See, the thing is when you try to push an agenda, the truth is underlying in their somewhere. So it had many layers. There was surface level and then if you’re smart, you watch it at a deeper level. But let’s get into it.

1 million dollar budget. I feel like the CGI could be better, but it doesn’t really matter. It had like this whole specific rim piloting robot. But with the introduction of AI, where things get interested because you have this AI robot who indefinitely goes bad, right? He goes rogue. And the reason he goes rogue is because he got access to a narrowly. And in doing so, he starts a AI robot army that literally commits genocide. And then they escape to another planet. Kirby say neural link, right? So this AI robot was supposed to be controlled by a neural link that goes to a human. And this way there is connection between the AI and the person via neural link. Somehow that robot was able to hijack his own neural link and actually control motor functions of the other person who was sharing the two way connection.

Then you have the other half of the film where Jennifer Lopez is a character who doesn’t trust AI. And she was actually the relative to that robot that went rogue. Her mother made it and she stayed away from AI because of this. And during the course of the movie, you have Jennifer Lopez who slowly begins to trust an AI. Robot that I showed you she was inside of, named Smith at the point at the end of the movie, she telling the robot all her information. Oh, I love you. When in the beginning of the movie, she didn’t wanna tell him anything because she didn’t want the robot digging into her brain. The robot also controlled her on many instances. But even still, what was being pushed is the trust of AI and how AI can make our life better. And that robot that went on to kill people, that was AI who got access to his own neural link and controlled his own function as well as millions of other robots, did it because he felt as though humans. Right, stay with me, humans were killing other species on the planet and wanted to exterminate humans.

The robots, the AI robots have pronouns. She called it in it, they said, no, call me, him, her. All the equipment from the role robot was able to, he was able to hijack the good robots. Needless to say, there’s, the government has a part in funding these movies. I’ll say again. So at surface levels, given all, look at the nice AI robot, she was communicating with it. It kind of almost felt like a partner. It was definitely projected towards lonely people who use AI to try to seem like you can have a compatible friend that knows all your thoughts, right? It’s giving you companionship.

But for people like me, all I see is a neural link hijack of AI and the AI talking about he has a soul because he know he has one. Why do you think he was able to communicate and feel empathy? And she then goes on to say, well, why do you think you have a soul and you don’t? And he said, just like you think you have a soul and you can’t identify it, and compared that humans thinking they have a soul is the same as robots thinking they have a soul. What I don’t wanna say what I wanna say because I am account violation right now. So yeah, but I need John to watch that movie, ignore Jennifer Lopez, bad acting. But if you read between the lines, go read between the lines. And I don’t think they were lying. And I think with these neural links that you know who is putting out, could you imagine interfacing with neural link to an AI? Okay.