Unveiling the Threat of Conscription: The Impending War Narrative in Europe

Germans, get your teenagers ready for war that they don’t want. That means all teenagers, not just the boys, because Germany doesn’t believe in gender. That means German teenage girls, biological girls, being drafted into a war with Russia that most Europeans don’t support. European politicians support this war. The people of Europe don’t. Last year, Germany said they wanted to add about 203,000 troops to their current military by 2031. Now they’re saying there is no way to do this without conscription, which is so interesting. Like, oh, we sold you a war. We told you Putin’s the bad guy. Why aren’t they just lining up in droves?

Yeah, don’t you wanna go to war with Russia? You remember how that went for Germany the last time? Do you wanna? Good point. Do you wanna bring back an entire. We’ll go back to Stalingrad again. Like, well, can you rechange the name back to that? Let’s just see how that works out for you. The famine, the disease, the death and destruction bring offensive. Okay, not going in the winter. They’re not going in the winter. That was what went wrong.

We’ve Learned the party is in better weather.

So. And Russia, yeah. And Russia is now much weaker as an army.

Yes. This is all sarcasm in case you’re not picking up what Clayton’s pulling down, putting down. Okay, so they’re saying they need to make plans for a verb flipped. How do you say that word? Verb flipped. What word are you pointing to? This word bird.

Flicked one. Oh, where? Bare.

Flicks. Where? Flicks. Rare. Yes. That means mandatory draft or military service. I’m smiling because I just, my Germans funny. This is not funny. So the German ministry now has laid out three options to reform the wear flipped rules, the rules of conscription. This was an elite document from Minister Boris Pistorius and he’s expected to choose one of three options and officially present it in June. Now remember that timeline, June. According to Dewelt newspaper, sorry, one option would be either required military registration for all young people at age 18. Another would require mandatory military registration for mails, again, only after 18. And the third option would be making mandatory registration and potential draft compulsory for both men and women at age 18. And they’re calling this gender neutral conscription, which stands to reason, right, because Germany now allows parents to change their child’s gender at birth. So if you abolish biological sex, you can’t draft based on sex, right? I mean, if that, if it were me and I were giving birth to a boy in Germany, knowing now that the German government wants to take this precious baby and throw him into a war machine against Russia, I’d be like, nope, this is a girl, right? But now you can’t do that. They’re gonna take it no matter what. So I don’t know what you’re gonna do.

Like other western nations, Germany has very low military enrollment, meaning they have not succeeded at selling us this war and why your body should die for it. While their leaders just show a high appetite for war.

Like in France this weekend, President Emmanuel Macron said that France is not at war, but he left the matter very open ended with this if statement at the bottom. I’m gonna, it’s loosely translated by Twitter. So don’t blame me for if you go too far and threaten the interest of France and the security of Europe, then we exclude nothing. This dude cannot make up his melon. He keeps saying things indicating that France will go to war in Ukraine and then walking them back when his citizens absolutely freak out and now they’re calling for a draft in the UK for young people as well. And army chief says that everyone in the UK needs to think like troops. Okay, what does that mean? You need to think like a soldier because they want you to think you are at war. Look at this graphic. They, these are the countries that NATO wants to start pulling troops from to reach 90,000 in order to, as the sun says, prepare for World War 3 drills, or do drills for World War 3. Okay, so all those countries there, they want your warm bodies, they want your teenagers, they want your sons and daughters.

Lithuania has been waving their hands for a few weeks now saying we’re ready, we got people, we’ll go. This is happening because Ukraine has allowed its army to die off. So if you think you’re not following them in these footsteps, you are mistaken because, and now they’ve had to implement draconian draft rules and Ukrainians are trying to flee in order to avoid further conscription, some dying while they are fleeing. Just last week, these six people died trying to swim away. They’re so desperate to get away from Ukraine. So young people of Europe, is this your future? Dying or escaping a country that wants to throw you into a war that you do not buy.

Well, British MP Andrew Bridgen says actually, we’re at already at war with Russia and they’re just not telling you that. And he has a timeline for when we are going to be given this and it lines up with this German draft deadline that we just Learned about. Remember I said they tell us in June. So listen to what he has to say.

Rishi, once out. We’re actually at war with Russia now. We’ve got that. Not just haven’t told you so. Say that again. We’re actually all with Russia now that I met with Andre Kellen, the Russian ambassador in London a couple of months ago. And he said that we know that your people are firing those Storm Shadow missiles at us out of Ukraine because. So you couldn’t train the Ukrainians to do it. When are you doing it? And I mean, everything, everybody knows that there are lots of us, UK, French, the French are in there. I thought it was a Brits were down on the ground and special advisors. Training sessions and teaching them and showing them isn’t that hard, but they were apparently that’s how we start with the Vietnam one. Yeah, dude, what the are we doing? Poke in the bear? That’s really stupid. They’re determined to get us into a war with Russia. And thank God we’ve got someone in Putin who at least us in as got some reins.

Now. You sound like a Putin lover. Well, I’m not. I think I don’t. I’m not convinced any of them are any good. But at the end of the day, if you look at the facts, since 91, we’ve moved NATO 1,000 miles near to Moscow. They haven’t moved near to us. Now, down.

Okay, now I wanna apologize. Normally, I catch the f words and try to bleed them and I forgot. So I apologize for that. I just missed that one. That one’s on me now.

He later says that this war is not wanted by anyone who is you think of that’s a leader. This is Agenda 30 from the World Economic Forum. And that the point one % of the richest people in the world want this and they don’t care that your teenager will be drafted or your, the young person in your life will be drafted. They don’t care at all. Watch.

It’s not a race between the blue and the red team. To see you crosses the finishing line. This is a ban handover. It’s all the big issues. Net zero covid response, the whho, the trans agenda, who is fishing it then? Who’s pushing it? Who’s pushing the levers? It’s Agenda 2030. It’s the World Economic Forum. The point one of 1% of the richest people in the world. The globalists. The people who make, listen, to make money. All you need is, all we need is next week’s newspapers today, wouldn’t we? But if you own next week’s newspapers, you know what’s gonna happen, what’s gonna be reported, regardless of what the facts are. And that’s the position these.

So we’re heading and also, yeah, that we’re saying, yes, oh, we’re actually in it. They’re not gonna tell the people probably till July or August, maybe a bit later. And I think Richie wants out.

But hold on one second. I mean, if we go to war with Russia, we’re talking about potentially nuclear war on it. Do they understand what they’re playing with? They have a nuclear. We’re not playing with fire. And I know. And, and it goes again. So our defense thinking, but even we have nuclear weapons, so then no one would do that to us. So why would we do it to someone who’s got 20 times more nuclear, 30 times more nuclear weapons? And we’ve got. And not just that, their air defense capability, the S500, I mean, it’s a million times better than what we’ve got. Nothing compared to that. We’ve got nothing that can. So any of that. What is it? We’ve got Arrow or something? I mean, like that can’t do jackshit with their hypothesis itself. Seen a report that we just do not have any defense for the UK against. But the Russian arsenal, cuz, you know, they’ve got hypersonic missile. We’ve got nothing against that.

Okay, so that’s cheerful. But again, did you hear that they will finally admit it in this summer when we get the full conscription plan from Germany. We’ll see. Yeah, we’re war. We have been for a while. We need more warm bodies. You in so July or August, that was not my big plans for the summer. Was it yours to be involved in a war? Let me know what you think of this and whether or not you want anything to do with it. And, you know, normally we say tell your elected representatives that you don’t want this. What he’s indicating here is it doesn’t matter. They’re not actually calling the shots. And I’m sorry to leave you with that downer cuz I don’t know what to do with it beyond just talk about it, I guess, and see it.