Silent Tanks and Shattered Hopes: Witnessing the Russian Occupation in Ukraine

It’s a lonely path ahead. The Russians have never been louder or closer occupied. Bukmout is just up the road. But now some Ukrainian tank guns are silent just when they’re needed most. Here, they don’t have enough shells. Sometimes they just won’t fire at all for a whole day. Other days still be shooting constantly. And I tell you, it is loud on the other side of that hill. And it’s sort of surreal to hear that sort of noise over there and see this tank unit having a rush at their Amber.



Malicious. Robert, we Learned they didn’t fire at all that day or the day before or the next day. The silence here is what losing sounds like. So, too, is what these soldiers had to say. Yes.

Nothing would. Is this the worst you’ve seen it?

Yeah, definitely. I think this year is gonna be the worst year in the war. Oh, I do know that there’s certain units that they’re, yeah, they’re running out of tanks.

How angry does it make you? Yeah, I’m.

Pissed. I’m absolutely . There’s no point in trying to paint this in any sort of light where it’s good for us that Russia takes Ukraine. That’s gonna be very bad for us geopolitically.

It’s here, chasevere, that already looks like defeat. Those left sounding like they’d be just about okay when Russia comes.

Meski citra kali gerai dapur. Firza polres mairo sih. Oh ya sis haji.

Ceritanya itu nicu kunyit aja jadwalnya pajak kita mantan disebut lucu istri dari pria budi 2 hanya pria spina.

For the south, near Afdivka, homes that dealt with about 10 years of war just up the road are finally emptying out.


The skyline is bleak enough as it is, but now rumbles with Russia advancing. Ukraine said it would hold steady at three villages near here after it left Avdifka. That hasn’t happened. All three are now heavily contested at best, and the noise of the Russian approach is louder.

Un vaso, cariño, sean hermanos. Se hace cañiza recién SAFA. Revisando ahora al mes.

Some units had enough shells, they said. These firing American rounds in a donated Paladin, but still less than before. We didn’t see much in the way of heavy defenses around here. And the worry is, was and will be that Russia does not stop. It may not be huge and southern enough to make the west pay urgent attention.