The Rise of AI: Concerns, Impacts, and Unforeseen Consequences

But I think people should be a lot more concerned and worried about AI and what all they could do. Open your eyes more. We’re so . We’re already in too deep to turn back. I think that’s why Elon Musk, he even said that and got out. That’s too late. And the countries, we, they’re all just competing with one another to see who gets, you know, the most advanced technology and AI creations fastest and bestest and biggest and everything that they’re not realizing. You know, us little people, not that they ever cared. But the damage that’s going to be done, it’s gonna seriously be like a SCI fi movie. And like years from now still, but who knows, even sooner. But there’s. Good for it. But it’s taking people’s jobs. It’s going to take, it’s predicted that in 2030, half of America’s jobs are gonna be all AI taken over. Like millions are gonna lose their jobs, even more so than they already did. And over in China and stuff, they actually have freaking human like robots walking around at people’s jobs making sure they’re not slacking off, making sure they’re not Yani putting their head down. And that same goes with kids. They have a freaking thing on their head. They put a, you know, band on their head and it will blink if they put their head down so that the teacher will know that they’re not being a tentative A+ straight laced student. And I get kids to pay attention. School, you want your kids to be smart, yada, yada. Client, come on. And is it gonna come to America? Maybe. Who knows? Probably. But by the time that shift gonna come over here, AI is already gonna be taken of people’s jobs anyway. So.

Are determining so many things in our daily lives that we have no idea of how. But over here in China, they’re now implementing new things to where they have AI monitoring people at the workplace. And AI is able to recognize if someone’s being productive enough.

That. We’re already giving AI power over humanity already. I mean, and it starts out small. But. And what’s scary more than anything actually is that the people that are making the AI , they’re fully well aware that’s bad and damaging, yada, but they don’t care. We, him and suck. So take a look at this clip and you let me know if this creeps you out. I have an eyebrow screeps me out. I look AI myself. Eat. Anyway, roll on the clip.

Telling you if you’ve done the right thing. Oh, maybe you stretch or yawn and all of a sudden an alarm goes off because AI has noticed that you took 4 seconds away from doing your job. That’s how crazy things are starting to get in China. Let’s roll this.


That AI model robot thing, woman, where is good luck in? And yes, it’s also creepy.

Doesn’t even look AI.

Awesome. You so funny. You gotta laugh at . You gotta scary now. I don’t want, eh, the headset. Yeah, could be good, it could be bad. I mean, man, whatever. Of course, you want your students to, you know, to pay attention, to learn.

I love doodling, kid. I don’t know, AI stuff is just talking. The points are AI cuz, you know, you had to see that video.

Like the kids go to school and they have to wear this headset. We’re a high determines if they’re being a good student or not. It determines if they’re focused. It determines if they’re taking a nap. It determines if they’re doing, you know, their worksheet correctly. And, you know, just like with the AI and the workplace over here, I think this would be implemented differently because it’s not like anyone cares about the educate these days. If anything, you know, these headsets to be good to make sure that kids are you seeing the right.

Okay. Now watching about motion.