Why I Stopped Offering Influencer Marketing Services in 2024: Challenges, Insights, and Future Trends

This is why I stop offering influencer marketing services in 2024. Number one, it’s hard to get influencers on board at, especially if you want to work with influencers who are in the HUNDRED k followers tier and above, expect that it will take a lot and do weeks of follow UPS. Before in our agency, our standard every week is we focus on contacting 20 influencers every week. That doesn’t include follow UPS yet. And I would say that out of 20, usually only on an average two to three shows interest, especially if you’re a startup up and that is after two weeks of contacting them. And if you’re a startup brand that they know nothing about, plus you don’t have an attractive offer to them, then expect that they would most likely skip you.

No. 2, it’s difficult to find a middle ground. If you’re working with a brand, of course, your top priority would be their wants and their budget. And most of the times, brands expect you to be closing deals with bigger influencers with an X deal or a budget meal friend and Lee rate. And if you know me, I also hate low balling influencers. And even if I have a team behind me, I still find it hard to draft a plan for middle ground because most of the times, once you already try to negotiate down with that influencer, chances are they would most likely cost you or put you onto their list.

Priority No. 3, fulfillment is not guaranteed. If you’re a business owner, listen to this. Them showing interest doesn’t guarantee fulfillment. And I know that could feel sucking. And I’ve experienced a lot of times wherein we sent free products even to big influencers with rates and they agreed to it. But after they receive the free product or the payment, they just posted us. And the thing is, if you are an influencer marketer, you are only as good as the deliverables of your influencers. And you could have the most comprehensive campaign brief, a well planned campaign, a documented agreement. But if your influencers are not delivering, then all of the work kind of means nothing, which I hate, by the way. I hate when I am not in control. I hate when I do my part. And you know, it doesn’t go on as the way I planned it to be. And it happens. And influencer marketing takes a lot of work.

That’s why right now we no longer offer it to clients anymore. It’s an Allock Card service. We just provide it now as a free add on service when a client availed our full social media marketing services. Cuz again, it’s very tedious and you could only do so much for it. So if you have any influencer marketing friends, give them a bat on the back. Yeah, I give them a Thai tag. They’re, and given that much credit as they’re supposed to be because I tell you, what they do is crazy stretching.

And lastly, influencer marketing is evolving. Unlike before that you can just reach out to any influencer for collaboration, right now it’s very different. And 2024 is now the rise of niche and industry leader creators. You need to actually roll up your sleeves and take your time to do research on the creators who have successfully fulfilled columns before it, the same brand in the same niche as you’re.

So do I think that influencer marketing is dying? Do I think that all agencies should stop offering influencer marketing? The answer is no. I don’t think influencer marketing is dying. I think it is evolving. And this is just my personal decision and take on this.

I still firmly believe that influencer marketing does a very good impact on your business because I’ve seen it before. I’ve seen it happen to our clients, having huge brand awareness, credibility, long term credibility actually, and conversions. It’s just that since many brands are more knowledgeable now about influencer marketing, the competition about getting an influencer onboarded get stiffer. So it’s harder to get influencers now to say yes and have the deliverables fulfilled.

So where do I see influencer marketing heading now in 2024? Number one, I believe that this is the perfect timing for influencer agencies. It’s way easier to make a content creator accountable if you’re well acquainted to them and or if they’re working directly under your agency. Because that way your message doesn’t get easily ignored. So if you are an agency handling influencers, I believe 2024 will be a great year for you. Instead of reaching out to influencers that you have research this influencer, agencies can pitch their handpicked influencers that you can work with for collapse. So this saves you a lot of time from constant and endless follow UPS with no guarantee of fulfillment.

No. 2, the rise of long term relationships with influencers. Since I am also an influencer on the side, right, I’ve noticed that I respond better to brands or people I’ve previously worked with as an influencer. So instead of you having to spread your brand keenly on different content creators, maybe considering long term relationships or contracts within influencers for content creation. I actually have more insights to tell about influencer marketing. So I’ll be uploading a full length and in depth episode on my YouTube channel, which is on this link, and also on my podcast, Woman Who Freelance just searched up. How about you guys? What do you think about influencer marketing? Is it dying? Is it evolving? What do you think will be the new trend? Let me know with the comments. Also, like and follow for more.