Title: Inside Look at MIT’s Music Production Studio: A Day in the Life of a Junior Student

Yo, what’s up? My name is Nesu. I am currently a junior at MIT. It is a Thursday afternoon, just finished class, and I have to work on a song for my directing class. So I’ll be showing you all a little bit more of what goes on at MIT outside of class.

Oh, I’m currently on the east side of campus. This is where the innovation headquarters is and our music boarding studio. So I spend a little bit of a good amount of time on the side of campus is cuz why not, right? Yeah, you all get to see what I’ll be working on in the studio today and it should be a fun little, right?

Okay, so the room that I’m currently in is a media production studio. I work as a test pilot with Innovation Headquarters for this space, which is open actually to any students who interested in film production, music production. We also have an actual music production studio which I’ll head over to actually record, but I’m not offering here cuz I actually need to work a little bit on the track itself. So we’re opening up Logic Pro to work on this one. And then usually I’ll just have like a browser open in case I needs stuff. Maybe I’ll have a splice open. But for now I’m just gonna work on like mixing the song. Interesting. So the original sample, very hard. So it’s a piano. There’s kind of three parts to it, right? There’s obviously the lower base melodies happening, and then there’s some chords going on in the middle and then there’s like a little melody at the top as well. So actually I’m trying to split those into three different instruments. Please play on his fellow.

You see, so I yelking here because obviously there’s some AI model and I tuned it the best to get like all the midi properly out of the. It’s like an online model that lets you change the parameters of like how long the note should be and how much it should separate. Yeah, so got MIDI from the piano file, which is cool. I don’t know if you could always do this. I only started producing music recently, but it’s like AI has changed a lot of how you can do different things, obviously, which is cool. Awesome. So I’ve picked out two sounds I like. So now I’m gonna get some headphones on, kind of just like mix those so that they make sense. Then I’ll play that for you and then we’ll pick the base and then that should be it. Then we’ll start recording. For some reason, the audio interface is not working with these, which is obviously a big problem. But I’ll let my manager, Liam know, and we’ll probably get that fixed couple days. For now though, we are using my trustee airport maxis, which we’re perfect. Yeah, I could hear. I’m good. I’m trying to replicate that. Tell me how to fish, mom. How to cook with 2 and 5 loads. I’m gonna leave for the shirt road. Can you see? But that’s just MIT voice getting deep. China bullet size. It’s getting cold in here, bro. I mean, at least the music keeping us warm. But I don’t bring a jacket. That’s not good. That’s a nice base. So, god, two different keys. And I’ve got a basic sign there. So it sounds like this turns out that I did not record the studio and I did not reserve the studio and it is not 8 p. M. So I probably have to wait like 2 hours in a little bit for them to finish, of which I’m a little tired. So I think we’re gonna call it a day today. At least track produced out. We will be back tomorrow morning to record. Yeah, so congrat food shuttle back home and I’ll be it shout out for joining me today and I’ll see you guys soon.