Title: Escalating Tensions in Ukraine: US Weapons Arrive as Russian Forces Advance

Well, meanwhile, let’s talk about Ukraine because more American weapons are on their way to the frontline there. And for that country’s troops, really, those supplies can’t come quickly enough. Russian forces, we know are making advances in the area around the city of Khahiv. They’ve seized a string of villages and they forced thousands of Ukrainian civilians to flee from those areas. And the message that more US weapons are coming was delivered in person by the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin. He’s arrived in cave. He came by a sleeper train for a surprise unannounced visit, the talks with President Vladimir Zelensky. It’s the first visit to Ukraine by a senior US official since Congress finally pass that long delayed 61 billion dollar military aid package for Ukraine last month. Well, our Ukraine corresponds Waterhouse has been following Anthony Blinkin’s visit for us. Good morning. Stay secretary. Nice to meet you.

Again. Elena, too. A nine hour sleeper train is still the best way to keep, even if you’re America’s top diplomat. A quick switch to a more familiar motor cade before a long day of meetings. First up for Anthony Blinken, President Zelensky.

Not simple period for Ukraine and a tough period for the east of our country, for our warriors. Thank you that you came, especially these days to support Ukraine. Along.

With many other. This is the first high level US visit since the unblocking of a 61 billion dollar military package for Kiev. Welcomed, yes, but delayed by political disagreements and now slow deliveries.

We know this is a challenging time, but we also know that in the near term, the assistance is now on the way. Some of it’s already arrived. More of it will be arriving. And that’s going to make a real difference against the ongoing Russian aggression on the battlefield.

People are terrified. They are stressed. They take, they keep their animals with them. So everyone is in a huge stress because of the constant challenge and of the shock of the Russian offensive.

For now, Hardkiff City is a place of relative safety, but for how long? While few think the Russians are capable of taking it, they could soon be an artillery range. Missiles routinely hit hardkiev. If this offensive isn’t contained, the destruction will be even greater. Ukraine is struggling to hold what is a new frontline.

Well, we can go straight to James now. James Althouse, our Ukraine correspondent whose life is in cave. And I suppose, as I mentioned at the beginning, these weapons that Anthony Blinken says are coming, these new weapon supplies, they can’t come quickly enough really for Ukraine and for those frontline forces who are dealing with this kind of surprise offensive, which has been launched near Kahive.

Absolutely. I mean, Ukraine, Ben, is adamant that this wasn’t a surprise, that it was merely sudden. But the inescapable reality is that its troops are struggling to contain this joint incursion. And it’s not just in the Hankeve region. There are more than 100 evacuations planned in settlements in the Sumi region further north, where there is constant shelling in another part of Ukraine, which borders Russia. And it’s there that’s an attack is anticipated too. You know, the dimensions of this invasion are changing dramatically in Russia’s favor.

Now, of course, whenever you have the military activity, you have the politics behind it. And Anthony Blinken, the US secretary of state, has just gone for a working lunch close to where I am in a pizzeria with his Ukrainian counterpart, dimitrokaliva, not a bad place to take an American visitor. And as you say, the tone is very much of reassurance. But the problem for Ukraine doesn’t just rest with delayed American weaponry. The country admits that it’s already dragging what few reserve forces it has to the hardkeep region where it is also where they are still struggling. So things are looking really difficult for Ukraine in this perilous period.

And is there a sense really that Russia has been taking advantage of the sort of delay in getting these extra US weapons into Ukraine and using that time to mount these new attacks.

Absolutely. I think we’ve seen a gradual taper since last October, which is actually when the political disagreements really started to affect the freeing up of this American aid. You had more and more Ukrainian units happen to Russian ammunition, whereas you had Russia remaining on a war footing, mobilizing more men, which Ukraine incidentally, has struggled with as by way of a, of, of a domestic challenge. And so what Russia has done, notably in the east, was take.