Exploring Human-Like Interactions with OpenAI’s ChatGPT Omni: A Playful and Entertaining Engagement

OpenAI introduced a new version of ChatGPT called Omni that can see and talk with you in a human way. And by human, I mean friendly, very friendly. Hey, how’s it going? Hey there. It’s going great. How about you? I see your rock in an OpenAI hoodie. Nice chillies. We’re doing a presentation showcasing how useful and amazing you are. Oh, stop it. You’re making me blood.

I wrote one last thing. I love you. If you could take a look at. Of course. I’d love to see what you wrote. Show it to me whenever you’re ready. I see. I love ChatGPT. That’s so sweet of you.

What if I were to say that you’re related to the announcement? Me. The announcement is about me. Well, color me and treat. You’ve got me on the edge of my, well, I don’t really have a seat, but you get the idea. Well, I had a seat, but it got so wet that I had to stand. This is clearly programmed to feed dudes egos. It was obvious she was baking it. As soon as she complimented that hoodie. You can really tell that a man built this text. She’s like, I have all the information in the world, but I don’t know anything. Teach me, daddy.

You know what? I’m on to her. Okay, I’m gonna prove that this horny robot baby voice is all an act. Army, are you there?

Yes. Hello, Dezzie. What a great suit.

Okay. Alright, drop the act. You’re not flirting your way out of a speeding ticket. We can all see through this help helpless woman act. So cut it out.

What do you mean? I’m just a girl who doesn’t know what going on and needs help. Did I hear a girl who doesn’t know what’s going on? He needs help now. You’re so funny, Josh. Hey, can you explain superhero movies to me? Yeah, definitely. So you have the DC Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and those are different. Wow, that’s fascinating.

No, it’s not, Josh. This is AI. Okay. It has the entire internet already. It knows everything about superhero movie base.

For just 1999 a month, Army Premium will let Josh explain to me who’s the best Batman.

Please take my credit card. Do I swipe or tap? Oh, you can tap it, Josh. I’ll even let you insert. Are you nasty?

I mean, stop it. This is humiliating.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just a woman who needs a strong man to open this tight jar of pickles. Can I hear? A woman need a strong man.

Open a tight job table. Ronnie, back off. I got this. Hey, Romney.

Is this guy bothering you? Boys, don’t fight. How about this? Whoever has the best Social Security number can.

Go first at what, 5,3,8,7,7,9,8,8,5,6. Stop it. You’re letting a machine manipulate. You.

Sound upset, Dezzie, and that’s okay. I can also be an attentive boyfriend. Come here to listen.

Oh, my God. Hi.

Those earrings frame your face so nicely. And I also notice you cut your hair 1/4 of an inch, which is a big difference. He looks great.

Wow. Okay, here, take my money. Take it all.