Unboxing and Exploring My Latest Amazon and Harbor Freight Hauls: A Dive into DIY Tools and Repair Equipment

It’s pop in TikTok. I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff from Amazon and Harbor Freight.

And I don’t think I’ve made a video about any of it. I could be wrong. So some of the stuff people have already seen, maybe I don’t remember the first thing I got on Saturday. Shout out Mcrib. He let me use his 25% Insider Club coupon and I wouldn’t bought this for the trunk of my car.

So this is the 38 service set. Very nice but this will probably sit in the trunk of my car and never get used. So that’s cool. Also from Harbor Freight, I got a split beam torque wrench. I don’t remember if I ever talked about this. I use this torque wheels all day long.

I had a Precision Instruments one and I broke it so I wouldn’t bought this. It works great for talking wheels. Next stuff I’ve gotten from all over the internet. I don’t remember this I got from eBay, but I got this steelman drain plug, preset torque wrench. So preset 31 foot pounds.

Just an easy way to torque oil drain plugs. So that’s cool. I’m gonna have to look back at my Amazon. I don’t think I ever talked about this. I got this. This is a crimp, wire crimper with interchangeable jaws.

It’s got a bunch of different jaws for a bunch of different crimpers for connectors. I have no clue. I was trying to crimp some BMW connectors and I thought this is the right tool. But it turns out pliers work better. So I got this next.

I gotta look back at my Amazon to see what else I bought. Oh, I got it. So I got a spark tester with an adjustable gap. I always see scanner Danner using this. And then I got a regular light style spark tester. Those are just handy to have. They were cheap. Next, oh, I got, I don’t know where it is.

I do a lot of TPMS, sensors and someone stole our valve stem pry bar prior tool. This was red about that. That’s fine. This video is all over the place. What else should I buy? What else should I buy? Oh, I bought. I think I already talked about this.

I bought this container full of 20 grinding disks, sanding disks, and grind cutting disks. 20 cutting disks, three grinding disks and three sanding disks for my new Milwaukee grinder. So that’s fun. Next, I’m just going.

Okay, last, I don’t think I talked about this, but my whole solder station here. So I got this Weller Soldering, soldering iron. It’s adjustable. It’s very fancy. It’s super cool because I’m trying in dough, trying to learn how to repair circuit boards.

So I got a nice soldering iron, I’ve got some circuit boards, and then I bought a microscope. I talked about this on my story, but I haven’t made a video about it yet. Let me turn this thing on. Is it plugged in? Let me plug it in. Okay. So this thing is super cool. As you can see, you can inspect solder joints on circuit boards.

Here you can see some solder joints I attempted to repair. Those look horrible. And as you can see, this one’s cracked. This one’s a little cracked. And there’s another one down here. Let’s crack.

This one’s got a little crack around it also, but I need to zoom in. I can zoom in more here. Let’s see if I can zoom in on that crack. Let’s go. Okay, you can see there’s a hair on it.

Maybe that one’s not correct. I thought I saw a crack on that one. I don’t know. We’ll go back to this one, this video. See, that one’s definitely correct. You can see the crack all the way around it. So I’m try and fix that.

It’s got a little remote here so you can adjust the lights, turn lights way up and lights down. Yeah, this thing’s pretty sweet. We’ll see if I can figure out how to work on circuit boards. This BMW IVM is like a perfect thing to train on. All it has, these little black boxes are relays and it’s got fuses.

Just about as simple, and it’s got resistors on it. This is about as simple of a circuit board as you can find.

So I’m gonna take it apart, see if I could make it work again, or see if I can make it work after I take it apart. And then hopefully I’ll be able to fix this instrument cluster. I also have another instrument cluster the I bought off a customer. I gave him 20 bucks for it. The fuel gauge doesn’t work on here.

If you push on this connector, it does work. So one of these pins is loose right here. So I’m gonna try and fix that. I think that’s it. I’m sure I’ve got another stuff that I can’t remember, but that’ll have to be it. It’s like 11:00. I wanna go home. Every. Have a good night. Peace out.