Chill Vibes and Creative Flows: Day 25 Project Recap and Future Plans

Hi guys, welcome to the channel. Welcome to day 25. Today, I want to make something really chill, like a J code type B. And of course I wanna use sample again. So it sounds like really low file type B. I already got a project, already recorded song.

The force winduhaji so if you know who is my village, i came from winduhaji Kuningan, west java syarat to everyone action Pemilu haji from Kuningan. Yeah, people know me, man. And so let’s strike to the project. First thing first, I have this beautiful sample for the first.

Oh, , that’s good.

And we have this for chorus.

UI. Mom.

You, I have this swingy drum. If you listen to Hood Politics by Kendrick Lamar, the swing sounds really similar.

Imagine it all black and I wanna get in that picking and all back. Sounds like that, right? So let’s hear the song for start to finish because I only have one focal. This is one take guys. So let’s do it.

You are my . You I, you are my shoes.

You are back to historical lesson, the end of the session. But when I was still a young and I was in a basement sitting in the cradle. My home is making beats, man. I need to tell someone that I need to make the peace. Call my grandma.

Semi love, semi hug. Bless my homies in the back with the money that we pack. Let me tell you something about his success in life. I feel successful though, even before the album were dropped, and that’s a fact.

You are my . UI, UI mom.

You I. Now tell me the definition of a good rapper. Does he need to sell a lot of records and neck and shows, may not have a dream? Itu seumur dan riza syah. And I hope my dream can be fulfilled and we can make it true. But I know I made these girls that I paid it to the dough. Now it’s not for my homie in the backseat to turn them on. Now I’m join the backseat cuz my is too deep. I guess I need to tell the movie together start a journey. I know.

UI. You, I. You are much. You, I.

Girls in my life that are trying to achieve with my homies on the side or the on the back seat, my homies in the Jade. Time now wrapping on that beat. Shout out to Bennett for always keeping out with the heat. These shoes came from Jeffrey Jorman. That’s a gift. Shout out to Cake Avenue. Man, that’s legit. Now I’ve got more avenues, so I’m trying to give so this kid can get inspired and we’ll do the .

For real.

You are much you I you are much . You are.

Now this is the end that I’m trying to achieve. Everybody should know when I wrap in his beat, my music is representation for my feelings in a opinions. Maybe my opinions for you just sounded like a boy minions, but that’s okay cuz that’s beauty of life anyway, the differences that make us united and divided, the difference that surpasses time to sum up messages. So see you in.

Another time. That’s the song. I hope you like it. And this is day 25. And after this, there will be no one day, one song because I need to go to Bandung to do accreditation procedures. So there will be a tutorial in Indonesian language about how to mix and master. So I will still keep uploading videos every day. So stay tuned. And sorry and thanks for watching and see you in a day 26. And two weeks after this by.