Strength & Snacks: A 4-Day Workout & Meal Plan for Men Looking to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

My husband wants to lose 40 pounds, so I’m reaching out for him. Every night we watch your videos because I force him to learn how to do this in a healthy way. I love that. I have already lost 20 pounds myself from your free workouts and your macros, but I need some help. With his macros, he asked for a strength building program without burpees or jumping that he could fall in the gym. Barbies are the best.

I’m reaching out because I’m not sure if you’ve ever done a gift of giving for mails. He weighs 211 pounds, wants to work out four times a week. And he told me to tell you that he loves snacks. Well, I’m definitely the perfect person to come to about this because I also love snack. I also don’t know if I’ve ever done a gift of giving for a man before, which let’s change that. So this video will be for all of your boyfriends, your husbands, your dad, whatever it is. Let’s help out the men too.

The first thing you guys need to know is, yes, the calculations are the same for both male and for female. So he weighs 211 pounds. I am again gonna put him at a 12 because I will design a workout program that he can strength train in the gym four times a week. So if you’re someone that wants to strength train four times in a week in the gym, I will provide that program for you shortly after this. So his maintenance calories would come out to 2532. Now let’s subtract 300 calories and this will be his starting deficit, 2,2,3,2 calories.

Now we’re gonna take his body weight 211 and we’re gonna multiply it by blank to get how much protein in a day. Again, here is our little cheat sheet. So over here, we’re gonna find 211. So we’re gonna multiply them by point eight to get how much protein he should have in a day. So I did 2,11 * point eight, which would give him 168 grams of protein. Then I did 211 * point three. So I’m going to quickly explain all of it. If you’ve watched my formula calculations before, you know what I’m going to say. But if you haven’t, let’s go over it one more time. So I got 168 grams of protein. So I’m gonna take how many grams of protein I get and I’m gonna multiply that by four to get how many calories I eat in a day from my protein. The reason I multiply this by 4, because for 1 gram of protein, it is 4 calories. For 1 gram of protein, it is 4 calories. Let’s figure out the calories.

So whatever we have left over would be for our car. So I’m going to now take this number that I got and I’m going to subtract it from my starting deficit calorie, which would give me a total of 993 leftover, which means this is how many calories are leftover for carbs. And I’m now going to divide that by 4 to get how many grams of carbs I should eat in a day. Because for 1 gram of carb, it is 4 calories. I have the calories divide by 4 to get the grams of carbs, which would be 248.

Now let’s get down to the fun part, making a meal plan with lots of snacks. So here’s a meal plan to help him hit his macro. This hits his exact macros. Starting with breakfast would be a smoothie bowl. So you would do frozen fruit, a scoop of protein powder, almond milk, and add in ice and you would blend that. Then the toppings, you would do love crunch granola or any granola, 31 grams of peanut butter and 5 grams of shredded coconut. Your lunch would be chicken broccoli Alfredo. So 4 ounces of chicken protein plus pasta, Alfredo sauce and broccoli. Then his snack would be 61 grams of cereal. Any cereal of choice, and one core power protein shake. The 42 grams of protein one he’ll use the protein shake as his milk for the cereal and his dinner will be a Greek bowl. So rice, steak, feta, cheese, hummus. Which this is 1 ounce, not 10 right there for the feta, 100 grams of cucumber, 100 grams lettuce, and 100 grams of tomato. And then his dessert for the night would be s’mores rice cakes. So two rice cakes, eight mini marshmallows on each, and 14 chocolate chips on each. So he still has snacks, he has dessert. He’s eating meals throughout the day that are yum.

And now let’s go into a workout program. So this is a 4 day split that you will follow progressive overload, meaning every single week you will try to increase your weight or see how you do stamina, why? Or just see if it feels better at every single week you have to increase your weight. You’ll follow this program for 4 weeks and do the same workouts for 4 weeks.

Starting with Monday, we have glutes and hammy. Your warm up set should always just be with the bar or something very light. And you go into back squats, barbell, reverse sponges, leg press, then leg curl machine. And then you will do Bulgarians on each leg, rdls, and then you’ll finish with sled push.

Tuesday’s workout is chest and back lap pulldown, seated cable row, cable, face pulls, barbell, chest press, chest flies. Your finisher is a superset, which is 10 single arm bent over rows by 10 push UPS.

Wednesday is a rest day and Thursday would be shoulder, triceps and biceps. You have shoulder pressed, lateral rays, front rays, tricep rope pulldowns, cable bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions. And then your burnout is failure reps of bicep curls and lateral raises, which means you try to do as many reps as you possibly can of the two.

Friday is quad, so you would do 1 by 15 leg press to get warm with lightweight and then you’d go through you by eight reps of heavyweight back squats, leg extensions, walking lunges, elevated closed stand squats, and then you’ll finish with wall balls. So there’s a little workout program with no burpees and no jumping. Okay, my form of torture during this has to be the wall balls or the sled push. So send this to whoever needs a workout program and maybe you guys can now go to the gym and you can do the Hacker Summer program and your boy, your man’s, your husband can do this program that I just provided. All right, let me know what questions you have. And yeah, I love you guys and I’m always willing to help anyone. So give me a comment and let me know what you want help with.