Confessions of a Walmart Asset Protection Officer: The Foul Play of the Petty Shoplifter

Yeah, this story is petty, like really petty, but not so much me being petty, but the shoplifter being petty. With me, if you don’t know, I used to catch shop lifters for a living for Walmart. And this one night I saw this older guy walk around the store and I start following him.

Typically, like older people are hard to catch, at least for me. If you’re a loss prevention or asset Protection associate, let me know in the comments how it is for you. But for me, they’re usually hard to catch because they’ve done it for so long. Like they’re smooth about it, like they know what they’re doing and they’re not acting like they’re doing anything wrong.

At first, I didn’t think he was doing anything, but he started giving off little tells. So I started to follow him. And, but as I’m following him and I’m trying to play a cool sneak between the aisles and stuff, I start smelling this aroma. I was foul. Like it was horribly foul. It was the worst part I have ever smelt in my life, y’all. I’m not gonna lie to you. I almost broke off from the subject. I was about ready to throw in the town cuz it was horrible, but I stuck through.

As I’m continuing to watch him, he ends up going over to hardware. He selects some tools, he puts him in his pockets and he starts to leave the aisle. As he walks out of the aisle, he lets off the most audible loud far as he could. So at this point, I know he’s the one creating this odor that I continue to smell. And yeah, this was bad. Like Babe was like someone had scooped up the contents of a Porta potty, put it in a crock pot and let it simmer on low all day in the house like it was bad. And again, I want y’all to understand my frustration.

This man was an older gentleman. I mean, he had to have been in his late 60s, early 70s old. And he didn’t get around that fast. Like he took his time moving. He finally makes his way up to the front of the door. And when he goes to walk out the door, he stops. He starts talking to our people. Greeter up there, this little older lady, y’all, he is trying to spit game before he exits with stolen merchandise. What I’m trying to tell y’all is he wasn’t only trying to steal tools, he was trying to steal a heart, too. Yahoi must have spent at least 20 minutes talking to our people grid before he goes and actually leaves the building.

I step in front, I start introducing myself, telling my need to come back in the building for the unpaid for merchandise. He’s nice about it. He doesn’t give me no complaints. Once we’re in the office, he sits down on the bench, we start doing paperwork, and he looks at me, goes, I knew you were following me. I turn to and go, oh, yeah. He goes, yeah. He goes, why do you think I was cropped us in you in the aisles. This old man was literally trying to on me. He no more gets this out of his mouth and he just himself in the office like it’s wet. Like I am confident that he his pants with this one.

Y’all, you have to understand, most AP offices at Walmart are just like closets that have been repurposed. Like this room had been like 6 feet by like 12 feet. Most of our offices didn’t have actual ventilation in them. We usually put like little air conditioners you mount on the wall kind of thing. If you were lucky enough to even have an office that had an air conditioner in it. So nine times out of 10, though, those rooms were hot. In my case, I was at a store that didn’t have ventilation. It didn’t have an air conditioner. It was a sweat box. And now it was sweat box.

He sees the look on my face and he starts to laugh. He is just having a great old time right now. And as he is laughing, he is letting off these little machine gun . Like I look back at it now and laughing. But yeah, I was ready to punch this man. Now, due to the dollar amount, it was only like 17 bucks. It was like a couple screwdrivers and something else. I figured that I was able to just write him up in the system, you know, give him a warning, tell him he can’t come back and just cut him on his way so I can get the office aired out because at this point it was bad.

But to my horror, I found out that this man, he had a repeat record with Walmart. He had been caught shoplifting 17 times in the local area. And typically, Walmart’s policy was to let people go at that age. But if, since he was a repeat offender, I had to call the collapse. And when you call the police and you say, hey, I have a cooperative elderly gentleman in my office. They don’t get in any hurry to come to your store.

As we continue to wait, he is just continuing to be more and more foul. I don’t know where this man got all of his gas, but he, he could, he could have moonlighted as an Exxon station, and I do mean foul, like he was making remarks after he would himself that he needed to go wipe. It got so bad in the office that we actually propped the front door open, but our manager came and said that we were getting complaints about the smell, so we had to shut the sweat box again. 35 minutes passed that felt like five hours and finally the police knock on the door. And when they get in, they know this guy. They’ve dealt with him before. After having to endure that, this torture, that, this Guantanamo Bay treatment, I was thinking, they know him. He’s a repeat offender. They gonna sit in this man’s the life. How do you know they wrote this man a ticket and just let him walk out the office on his own volition? I was pissed for. He leaves the office, he tells me, that’ll teach you not to stop me in the future. And he wasn’t lying because, no, I never saw that man again. And thank God for that. But if I would have, no, I didn’t.

I need y’all to let me know down in the comments. Would y’all have let him go or would y’all have not stopped him in the first place? You can also head over to our discord and let me know over there too. If you enjoy this video, make sure you hit that like button. If you’re new around here, hit that subscribe button. It really helps out. And if you happen to have a petty story that you’d love to hear me tell here on the inner web? You can head over to Ronan gt dot TV and submit that story there. I love you beautiful people. Y’all stay petty.